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Teen Vogue Staffer Who Complained About Hiring Alexi McCammond After Offensive Tweets Has Used N-Word In Her Own Tweets

SOURCE: Rich Welsh

More cattiness at Teen Vogue after a senior staffer who came out against the hiring of Alexi McCammond as editor-in-chief of the magazine because of some old tweets that she deemed offensive has had some questionable tweets of her own raising eyebrows.

The global mass media company Condé Nast hired McCammond as the new editor-in-chief for Teen Vogue, that is until tweets that are about a decade old that she posted online when she was still a teenager were suddenly discovered.  Staffers at Teen Vogue felt the tweets were offensively “racist and homophobic,” and hurtful toward Asians and LGBTQ people.

Offended staffers ratted McCammond out to Condé Nast’s global chief content officer Anna Wintour and CEO Roger Lynch, so says the Daily Beast. With so many horrible things going on in the world today about 20 staffers still found the time to write a letter to management to share their concerns over the company hiring McCammond.

Let me ask a simple question.  Are you the same person you were ten years ago?  If you think you are then you are a really boring linear person because so much happens to change a person in ten years that you can completely change your ideology in that much time.  This is especially true if ten years ago you were a teenager.

But none of that matters these days because McCammond did the one thing that is unforgivable to the Woke Supremacy progressives: she violated a rule of the Woke Supremacy by utilizing free speech that offends the Woke Supremacy.

Sadly, McCammond was canceled and she left the company.  She announced her resignation from the magazine because of tweets when she was 17-years-old and still a minor.

“I became a journalist to help lift up the stories and voices of our most vulnerable communities. As a young woman of color, that’s part of the reason I was so excited to lead the Teen Vogue team in their next chapter,” McCammond said. “My past tweets have overshadowed the work I’ve done to highlight the people and issues that I care about — issues that Teen Vogue has worked tirelessly to share with the world — and so Condé Nast and I have decided to part ways.”

McCammond worked as a political journalist at Axios, an NBC and MSNBC contributor, and won an award from the National Association of Black Journalists for being the emerging journalist of the year.  Yet none of that mattered because she said something considered offensive ten years after they were said.

And just to prove Karma really is like a female dog it just so happens that one of the Teen Vogue staffers who signed that letter that went to management to ask them not to hire McCammond over her racist tweets has also posted racist tweets in her own past.  OH NO!

Christine Davitt, a senior social media manager at Teen Vogue allegedly used the N-word in a few tweets about ten years ago.  DOUBLE OH NO!

In what is now probably one of her most embarrassing acts ever Davitt on March 8 posted the letter she signed to her Instagram account with the blurb, “So proud of my @teenvogue colleagues. The work continues…”  Not for you, young lady.  You’ve been canceled.

Don’t go looking for it, because it’s been deleted.

And get this.  When McCammond announced she was leaving Teen Vogue, Davitt tweeted out [Exhales the deepest sigh I have ever sighed].”  Well, now that’s awkward.

Davitt has tweets going back to 2009 and 2010 where she herself used the N-word.  OH NO!  WHAT A DOPE!  Apparently, she was talking to a friend when she used the derogatory word multiple times.

Remember all those years when the Left said it was just fine for black people in civil society to use that awful word while “other” people couldn’t even when used in the exact same context?  Eventually, other non-black minorities were allowed to use the term so long as it was in the same context.  Well, apparently those people no longer get that privilege and the Woke outrage factor is now ex post facto.   Delete everything you ever posted online.

Davitt has referred to herself as mixed Irish and Filipino and I suspect it was the Filipino part where she felt she was entitled to use the N-word.  Now that cancel culture has canceled most prominent conservatives the Left are eating their own and starting to cancel members of the Supremacy.  She has since locked her Twitter account.

What sucks for Davitt is that Teen Vogue back in 2019 published an op-ed piece headlined “Stop Using the N-Word If You’re Not Black.”  OH NO!

In the article, the author Tayo Bero lectured the magazine’s readers, “There’s been much debate within the Black community about the N-word and just how much good our supposed ‘reclaiming’ of it can actually do. And in moments like this, that feels like a valid point. But one thing that shouldn’t be up for dispute is who gets to use it. And if you ain’t Black, that ain’t you.”  In other words, Teen Vogue declared that only black people can use the filthy, derogatory, vile word.  Works for me.

So let this be a lesson to you.  Once you pop out of the womb and you’ve lived past 12 to 15 months when most people start talking just shut the hell up, because everything you say could someday be held against you.  Context means nothing in the Woke’s Cancel Culture.

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