On December 10, 2019 I was in Washington D.C. to watch the impeachment hearing. The Democrats continued their argument that President Trump should be impeached based on hearsay. Of course, the do-nothing Democrats are not looking for the truth. They only have one goal, and that is to remove the President from office.  

Will Johnson put out a hardball question to Ted Deutch, and as a result, he runs away. 

 The hearing shows the deep divide between parties. With Democrats surging on their end goal to impeach President Trump this year, and the Republicans disapproval of the entire process. During the hearing Republican Gohmert (R,TXsaid, “Democrats have double standards and without those double standards they wouldn’t have any standards.” Later Democrat Johnson (D,GA) said: “President Trump is a King Pin.” One could argue that the Democrat party is an even greater example of law breakers that think they are above the law.   

One of the most passionate lines of questioning came from Representative Jim Jordan (R,OH) who explained how the Democrats are using hearsay for their facts. He blasted them by reminding them there was no quid pro quo, no holding of aid to Ukraine, and Ukraine got their aid.  Watch.

Representative Mr. Rattcliffe (R,TX) says, “the whistleblower should be held accountable.” He points out that the whistleblower complaint has not been included in any documents. In fact, the Democrats say that they don’t need it to be included because they have other evidence. Makes one question if there ever was a whistleblower. 

I have to say one of the best one-liners of the whole impeachment hearing came from Rep. Gaetz as he said, “everyone would at least have coal for Christmas, but the Democrats don’t like coal either, so that’s out.” The Democrats want to kill as many jobs as possible, and the Coal Miners are on the list.

17 of the 24 Democrat House members have already voted for impeachment before they saw a shred of evidence. 

 By: Will Johnson FirePower News