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Ted Cruz Scorches O’Rourke’s Disgusting Outburst At Presser Following Shooting

Boom, baby.

Ted Cruz, like many Americans, was disgusted by the Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s politicization of the horrific school shooting at a Uvalde elementary school. Democrats have used the attack as a reason to push gun bans, and abortions, and to push racial tensions.

I’m not going to mention the shooter’s name or share his photo because screw that guy but I think it’s important to note that the 18-year-old suspect’s motive doesn’t fit Dem’s narratives—At all. I will leave a link below where you can learn more about the killer’s motives.

During what should have been a somber press conference about the shooting O’Rourke blamed Texas Gov Greg Abbott for the shooting, saying, “it’s totally predictable when you choose not to do anything.”

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin tore into O’Rourke, telling him he was “out of line.” Adding, “You’re a sick son of a b—- to go to a deal like this to make a political issue,” Another man yelled for the El Paso Democrat to “get the f— out of here.”

“I was shocked…  it was disgusting,” Cruz said. “To try to politicize it and turn it into a rally the way Beto did — I’ve seen a lot of crass behavior — that was embarrassing.”

Cruz also dismissed attacks on the “gun lobby,” as President Biden had put it, saying common sense reforms have been attempted in Congress to no avail thanks to the Democrat’s filibustering.

“Every time I’ve stood up to fight, the Democrats literally filibuster, they block a vote,” he said, adding that he was party to landmark 2013 legislation with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, which directed the Department of Justice to audit the federal convictions database and arrest felons who had tried to buy guns, among other endeavors.

“That vote in the Harry Reid Democrat Senate — I got a majority. The Senate voted in favor of Grassley-Cruz, but the Democrats filibustered it. They demanded 60 votes,” he added.

“They defeated it because they wanted to go after law-abiding citizens instead of stopping the bad guys.”

Earlier in the segment, Watters suggested a useful alternative to Democrat’s useless call to ban guns. USeless because criminals don’t abide by laws:

We need to start making changes that will actually make a difference. Here’s the Primetime Plan: First, we need to harden our schools; they are soft targets for killers like Ramos. We have $100 billion in COVID relief money that can be used to put up fencing, install security cameras, hire guards. Active shooting drills need to happen on a regular basis.

We also need to get to the bottom of the mental health crisis in schools. There needs to be counselors in every school paying attention to students, flagging odd behavior, noting who’s having a hard time at home and get the kids the help they need. We’re spending all this money hiring critical race theory consultants. How about hiring some school therapists instead? They can ID a school shooter and maybe get them the help they need. But if we’re really going to make a bit of difference on the inside of schools, we need to pay closer attention to what’s happening on the outside of school. I’m talking about social media…”


The shooter was shot and killed on the scene by a border patrol agent. As I said earlier, I don’t want to give the murderer any air but if you would like to learn more about this individual’s motives and who he was you can watch this video. I don’t want to take part in fulfilling the suspect’s sick need for fame but I assure you, there is nothing about the killer’s behavior leading up to the shooting that plays into Democrat’s warped narratives.

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