For some time now the Marxists have attacked Christopher Columbus as being the poster boy of racism and genocide of “black people”.  Let’s face it, leftists race-bait e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, and they want you to believe that “indigenous” people automatically means people of color.  I was born in Philadelphia, PA, so that makes me an indigenous Native American.

The controversy began when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) replied to an ABC News tweet about rioters (I refuse to call them protesters because protesters don’t destroy property, even property they disagree with).

When the senator from Texas referred to rioters who toppled a Christopher Columbus statue in Minnesota as the “American Taliban”…

… known bigot Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) didn’t like Cruz’s reference, calling it “sick”:

The congresswoman thinks because they were “indigenous people” they have the right to do what they did. Those indigenous people broke the law by attacking and eventually toppling the statue.  It wasn’t their statue to destroy.  There are legal ways of removing a statue that you think is harming you <snicker> and destroying it is not one of the ways to go about it.  The sick part is that a sitting congresswoman, a person responsible for creating federal laws, is justifying property damage in the name of Marxist social justice.

Omar additionally accused Columbus of “literally” starting a genocide towards indigenous people.

And that’s when Cruz corrected Omar who isn’t really known for working with details or facts of such things, saying “No, he didn’t commit genocide, “literally” or otherwise. He did discover the New World, which led to colonizers, some of whom inadvertently brought disease.”

Omar must have gotten the FACTS vaccine as a child because now she doesn’t get FACTS.

Cruz then asked her, Is it your position that it’s inherently immoral to come to America from a foreign land? I’m glad my Dad came from Cuba.”   Her response would be a self-defeating one because she came from another country.

The senator then slammed Omar with a reality check, saying, “And if you want to talk “literal genocide,” we can discuss the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Why again did you oppose the House resolution against antisemitism?”

BAM! That must have stung like a b**ch!  And as usual, no response came from the antiSemitic congresswoman from Minnesota.

Omar was a refugee from war-torn Somalia.  America accepted her family with open arms.  She left a country where Marxists had been slaughtering people wholesale in a brutal civil war, so if you want to talk about being “sick” let’s discuss how someone like Omar leaves her homeland because people of her same ideology were violent murderers, and yet she espouses that same collectivist, race-baiting ideology here in an effort to destabilize her adopted home in order to fundamentally transform it into something none of us would ever recognize.

Good for Senator Cruz.  We need more people like Cruz to step up and confront the Marxists when they preach dangerous thoughts.