The House impeachment team violated the agreement made before the fake trial began and called a vote to call witnesses.

Five Republicans joined the Democrats on the vote that ended at 55-45. But, then Sen Ted Cruz dropped the MOAB and announced that they would call both Pelosi and Muriel Bo0weser to testify.

That scared the hell out of the Democrats that quickly backed off calling witnesses.

They could not afford to have Pelosi and Bowser testify because they would have gotten killed and on national TV.

President Trump offered to bring in 15,000 National Guard troops to make sure there would be no riots but he was refused multiple times. And remember, the FBI warned both of them it was likely to turn violent.

How could they explain that especially since it would be a pressure cooker to begin with?

Senator Ted Cruz: I think it is very likely that President Trump’s lawyers will call Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is clearly a relevant witness to this matter. Speaker Pelosi can testify on when she knew about the threats to the Capitol, what she knew specifically. And in particular, she could testify, we heard already the House Sergeant of Arms turned down National Guard protection for the Capitol on January 6th because, of course, the optics. And I think Speaker Pelosi can testify on whether she made a decision based on optics, based on politics not to have additional protection at the Capitol to prevent the terrorist attack that played out.

From The Gateway Pundit

Democrats flipped the script this morning after their case collapsed on Friday against President Trump.

Democrats now want to change the rules and call in witnesses. This comes after Senator McConnell announced he will vote to acquit.

According to reports the Trump legal team requested to call in Speaker Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to testify before the US Senate.

It is well known that Pelosi, Bowser and Mitch McConnell refused to increase security on January 6th for the US Capitol.

Senator Ted Cruz agreed this morning that the Trump legal team will call in Speaker Pelosi to testify along with Mayor Muriel Bowser.