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Techno Fog: CIA Bombshell: The Sussmann Data Was “User Created”

By now, we are used to false allegations against President Trump, but thanks to John Durham, the latest was debunked by the CIA who concluded that “evidence” presented by Michael Sussmann was “user created.” Not only that but information Sussmann proves that they were spying on Trump after he moved into the White House. Another interesting angle is that the CIA concluded Sussmann’s so-called evidence was not technologically feasible.

In a recent filing made by John Durham, it showed that Sussmann was supplying implausible information to the CIA. (Their conclusion not his) Durham added this to the filing in order to show its inclusion is both relevant and admissible. Durham provided the court with notes showing their conclusions from the information he gave them. The first was from Sussmann’s January 31, 2017 contacts with a CIA employee in which he suggested Trump was using a Russian-made phone.


From The Gateway Pundit

Sussmann alleged the Russian phone (YotaPhone) was always close to Trump (“only around the President’s Movements”), surfacing at his Trump Tower Network in April 2016 and being used through Wi-Fi at Trump’s Grand Central West apartment. The phone even “appeared with Trump in Michigan” when he was interviewing a Cabinet Secretary.

At a minimum, this confirms what we reported nearly two months ago: that the Trump transition data was passed to the CIA. Yet it’s also more than that. The CIA was provided with data all the way back from April 2016.

Why does April 2016 matter? Because Russia was alleged to have hacked “the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and DNC networks in April 2016.” Recall that “Crowdstrike was contacted on April 30, 2016 to respond to a suspected breach” of the DNC.


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