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Teacher Put On Leave After Telling Students George Floyd Would Be Alive If He Complied With Police [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

IN 2021, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

A high school teacher in Alaska was placed on administrative leave when she told her students that George Floyd would still be alive if he had complied with Minneapolis police. I don’t know why that’s controversial because according to all the evidence that we have seen publicly the teacher is correct. As uncomfortable as it sounds, and believe me it makes me uncomfortable to talk about it, George Floyd might still be alive today if he had not resisted arrest. I say might because he had three times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system when officers arrested him. He probably would have died on the way to the hospital, we’ll never know.

For the Soros-funded freaks at MediaMatters, I didn’t just say that George Floyd deserved to die.

In a video that was posted to YouTube last week, a teacher at Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska was seen leading a discussion of high-profile police shootings of black Americans. When the topic turned to Floyd, the teacher said former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin “abused his authority” and “was complicit in George Floyd’s death.”


“But if George Floyd had, at the beginning when they got him out of the car and went to put him in the police car if he had just sidled into the car and slid it in there, and let them put his legs in, he would be alive today, and you know that’s true,” she added.

Chauvin was convicted on all three counts, even the charge that made absolutely no sense. He was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in April after he knelt on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds last Memorial Day during an arrest for passing counterfeit money to a neighborhood convenience store when Floyd repeatedly resisted arrest. An example of third-degree murder would be if someone indiscriminately fired a gun into a crowd of people, not aiming at anyone in particular, but he hit someone and they died. I can’t see how that charge applied to Chauvin in this case, but the jury came back with a verdict of “Please don’t hurt us.”

“If the cops come and they say, ‘I’m taking you to jail,’ then you put your hands behind your back, you let them cuff you, you get in the cop car and you go and call your parents when they give you your phone call,” the teacher goes on. “That’s what you do to stay alive. Everybody, white, black, brown. I don’t care what color you are. None of that makes a difference. You comply, you do what they say.”

Again, the teacher is technically correct. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to hear the truth when they are emotional about a particular subject. So many people were angered over the racial component of Floyd’s death that they don’t want to hear about the dangers of resisting arrest. Race was not a factor in Floyd’s death. Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s black Attorney General said so. Yet mostly everyone in the country thinks it was about race thanks to our failing news media who keep pushing that narrative.

The teacher said if she were ever arrested, “I’m putting my hands behind my back and I’m going to jail and I’m calling my husband when I get there, and he’s going to call our attorney. And I’m gonna tell the cops, I’m gonna say, ‘Yes sir,’ and ‘Sir, when you search me, you’re going to find a gun strapped to my ankle, and I’m just letting you know about it now, so that you don’t, you know, so that you can get it and be safe.’”

We have many people in America today who think they have the right to resist arrest, and when they begin to pose a threat to police, they will be taken down. What I think happened with George Floyd was he knew that he had drugs on him when he saw the police approaching his vehicle. He knew that the police were approaching his vehicle because he just tried to pass off a counterfeit $20 bill at the store across the street. We know Floyd was a drug addict and a lot of drug addicts learn after being arrested many times that if they are taken to a hospital instead of a jail cell at police headquarters; they are watched for a period of time at the hospital until it’s safe to release them. When the hospital releases them, the police have the suspect sign a paper to be released on their own recognizance promising to show up for a hearing and they never go to jail. I think that’s what Floyd’s MO was because we saw in another video where he was being arrested back in 2019 where he did the exact same thing that he did during the arrest where he died. It’s just that in 2019 he didn’t have three times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system. Floyd was saying he couldn’t breathe, and maybe he couldn’t, because fentanyl affects your respiratory system. Floyd also had COVID at the time.

Later in the video, the teacher advised the students how to dress so that they could avoid attracting the attention of the police. That’s sound advice these days when our mainstream news media has convinced many people of the black community that cops are hunting them down.

“Look at how you guys are dressed,” she says. “You guys are dressed nicely. You don’t look like thugs, you don’t have your pants down around your knees.”

Lathrop High principal Carly Sween described the remarks as “racially insensitive.” If telling students how to behave in public so that they don’t come into contact with police is racially insensitive, then we are doomed as a society, because we can’t pass any kind of wisdom onto the younger generations for fear of offending someone.

District officials have not officially identified the teacher, but in the video, she’s referred to as “Ms. Gardner.” Lathrop’s website lists Connie Gardner as a special education teacher.

Later, the teacher was challenged by a tutor who said she was “a little uncomfortable” about the “insinuation that the way that someone is dressed should garner more response from the police … Police should be trained not to judge people based on those factors and if someone has their pants around their knees doesn’t mean they’re a criminal.”

The tutor then said that “police should also be trained not to kill people even if they don’t comply.”

The teacher replied saying, “If people comply with the police, they have much less chance of being killed by the police … if you value your life and you want to live, you will comply with the police.”

Then, a parent, who self-described as a “woman of color who has lived in the South … who was born and raised in the South, who experienced racism first-hand, even when I was a child,” joined the discussion.

“Some of the things that you are saying, I feel like you are very uneducated on,” the parent says, “and I don’t feel like you are able to address these things that are going on in the world today.”

Why not? I think anyone who understands that the police have a job to protect a community by going after the bad guys know that if you act like a thug, you are going to be noticed by the police. The teacher didn’t say that young people who dress like thugs should be harassed by police. She was giving advice on how to stay off the cops’ radar, and there is value in that. Maybe no one ever told her students that before.

The teacher replied saying, “I’m not going to be, um, you know, this is a class –“

“No, you’re exactly right,” the parent shot back. “It is a class, it is a class, and this is where it should stop. You should stop this conversation. Period.”

I remember when Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder said American was a nation of cowards for not wanting to have a conversation about race. I’ve heard many black pundits and scholars alike say the same thing. This teacher was having a discussion about race. If we are going to punish her for it, then don’t expect many other people to engage in a conversation about race.

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