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Taylor Swift Trashes Trump Over Post Office, While she Promotes UPS- Their Competitor

Taylor Swift is unhappy with President Donald J. Trump and the news went viral that the pop star, turned radical far-left activist, was furious over the lack of funding for the failing US Post Office (USPS).


The big news:

Twitter promoted Swift’s tirade,” Taylor Swift speaks out against Trump’s ‘calculated dismantling of USPS’ On Saturday, the American artist accused President Trump of engaging in a “calculated dismantling” of the US Postal Service, accusing him of trying to “blatantly cheat” the election. Swift is the latest high profile figure to express concern over the USPS’s capacity to process mail during election season,” Twitter said.

The news moved like rapid-fire on social media:

Swift was pushing the “company line” of the Democrat party, of course, having handed over her massive celebrity platform to help promote the agenda of the opposition of Trump, the party of socialism and the new Green Deal that would severely limit the civil liberties of her fans, but most likely not for her.

Further, Swift is special and she is allowed the luxury of making innovative waves in advertising and marketing, exploring alternatives to delivery needs for her company,  and helping to actually defund the US Postal Service.

According to her website, Swift’s clothing company continues to use the United Parce Service (UPS).

Democrats demand that Trump bail out the USPS for use of delivering ballots in the upcoming Presidential election, hoping to stop people from voting in person due to Pandemic concerns.

Trump is hesitant to bail out a failing institution.  It is reported that in many states the Post Office is running dangerous deficits and would be unable to complete the task at all.

Democrats and their media allies have been working diligently to force Trump’s hand on bailing out the failing post office with high power, complex campaign including politicians, medial allies and celebrities.

For example, Swift’s announcement came at the same time radical, far left, Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (CA), who lashed out at Trump over the Post Office services as well.  Ironic timing.

The Democrats Demand that the US Post Office basically flood mailboxes with ballots, whether they were requested and tracked, or not. A majority of Americans have concerns that such tactics would lead to massive ballots to unknown people, and would cause fraud and undue complications in the General Election for all statewide races as well as the office of President.

The Post Office has a history of losing ballots in past elections.

It is important to remember that Swift or someone on her team is brilliant at “messaging, branding and PR”, and she has often promoted her wares perfectly.

Recall that Swift put the full furry of her fan’s obsession with her behind the United Parcel Service (UPS), and heavily promoted the competitor of the US Post Office, helping to contribute to the demise of the American Postal institution.

Swift, herself, uses and promotes United Parcel Service for her companies massive amounts of deliveries, remember:


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jlf0101

    August 16, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Taylor Who??
    Who cares what she thinks. Why do Musicians and Hollywood stars think anyone would listen to any thing they say. The live I La la land.

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