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Suspected Waukesha Murderer Was Assessed Top Risk For Violence, Was Released By Leftist DA Anyway

The accused killer of six people and the wounding of 62 others was arrested within a week before the deadly rampage at the Waukesha Christmas Parade.

When he was assessed for the danger he posed to society, he got the highest rating, yet somehow the Soros-funded DA was satisfied with him being released on bail of just $1,000, which meant he only had to come up with $100 dollars.

Darrell Brooks, whose rap sheet was 50 pages long and spanned over 20 years, then allegedly drove his red SUV down the parade route in an effort to hit as many people as possible. Had he been in jail, he could not have done that and six people would still be alive today.

The document, titled “Milwaukee County Pretrial Risk Assessment Report” comes from the Milwaukee County’s Sheriff’s Office.

The report read in part  “Risk Indicators Scores” for the suspect as FTA (failure to appear) =4, NCA (new criminal activity)=6, and NCVA (new violent criminal activity) =Yes.

The Arnold Foundation explains:

“The PSA calculates a raw score for each of the outcomes. Scores for NCA and FTA are converted to separate scales of one to six, with higher scores indicating a greater level of risk. The raw score for NVCA is used to determine whether the defendant should be flagged as posing an elevated risk of violence.” 

The risk factors at the bottom of the document regarding the suspect included:

  1. Age at current arrest: 23 or older.
  2. Current violent offense: Yes. 2a: Current violent offense and 20 years old or younger: No.
  3. Pending charge at the time of the offense: Yes.
  4. Prior misdemeanor conviction: Yes.
  5. Prior felony conviction: (lists four cases) 5a: Prior conviction: Yes.
  6. Prior violent conviction: 3 or more (lists two cases)
  7. Prior failure to appear in the last two years: 0
  8. Prior failure to appear older than two years: Yes
  9. Prior sentence to incarceration: Yes

From The Daily Wire

“The PSA uses administrative data to produce two risk scores about a defendant: one predicting the likelihood that the individual will commit a new crime if released pending trial, and another predicting the likelihood that they will fail to return for a future court hearing. Scores fall on a scale of one to six, with higher scores indicating a greater level of risk. The PSA also flags defendants that it calculates present an elevated risk of committing a violent crime,” Arnold Ventures explained.

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