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SURVEY: More Than Half of NYPD Officers Wish They Never Joined the Force Believing Woke Policies Are Destroying New York City

This is disturbing, especially if you live in New York City. According to the New York Post, over half of New York Police Department (NYPD) officers right now wish they had never joined the force. This is according to an internal survey.

An internal NYPD survey of close to 6,000 officers found that 56 percent of NYPD cops say they wouldn’t become a police officer if they had a chance to do it all over again, as reported by the New York Post.

About 46 percent responded to the question if they feel the public disrespects them that they do and 42 percent say they don’t. When asked if they believe the public distrusts them, 44 percent said yes and 41 percent said no. A whopping 73 percent of NYPD survey participants said the public does not have a good relationship with the NYPD.

You can blame Democrat politicians and the misinformation spread daily by the leftist news media.

The bad stuff started when the communist Mayor Bill de Blasio allowed thugs to pour water over the heads of police officers on the street when he ordered the cops to not retaliate. It’s little things like that that people forget about. Thugs were walking up to NYPD officers and dumping water over their heads. De Blasio allowed that degrading and demoralizing assault to go on. They don’t know what’s in the water that’s being dumped over their heads. It was one of the worst displays of leadership I’ve ever seen by a mayor and that clown ran in the Democratic primary for president in 2020.

The survey showed 80 percent of NYPD officers from street cops through detectives and captains say they are reluctant to fight crime in the city aggressively because the city’s leadership will hold them criminally liable if they have to make a quick decision while being threatened by a perp and the criminal gets hurt or killed while the officer is doing his job. They are susceptible to lawsuits and fake disciplinary actions for doing their job with no support from the NYPD or City Hall.

A 20-year veteran officer said, “My retirement date is next month,” adding, “I can’t wait to run out of here.”

“The city is absolutely not safe at all. Bail reform. Criminals being released. Everyone knows what’s going on,” he said.

An NYPD sergeant with 16 years on the force said, “The far-left leaning politics are absolutely destroying the city of New York.”

That’s what Marxist policies always do. The Marxists – in this country they call themselves progressives – always tell you they are fighting for the little guy and then when they come to power you realize it wasn’t about you at all. They were fighting for power over you and not for you.

About 79 percent said that considering the future of the city, they don’t believe New York will be safer in two years.

“New York City police officers are well past our breaking point, and Mayor de Blasio and the outgoing City Council are still piling on with policies that punish cops and erode public safety,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch. “The intolerable environment and our substandard pay has every cop looking to get out as soon as they can.”

Lakeland, Florida started a recruitment drive for NYPD cops earlier this year. Many New York officers are heading south where they can do their job to protect the innocent people of the communities they serve. So far, 14 NYPD officers took them up on their offer and left New York City to head down to Florida to start a new life.

NYPD officer Matthew Spot said to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) during a presser, “It was almost like I was ashamed to be a law enforcement officer” in New York.



Cities like New York need police now more than ever. We live in times when the criminals are being supported by Democrat leadership to go out and riot, loot, and burn things down. Throughout the summer of 2020, we watched Democrat cities across the country be hit with nightly riots, and the leadership cowered and did nothing but defund their police and allow the lawlessness to carry on.

According to the New York Post, in April, a report came out that reveals over 5,3000 NYPD officers, which comes to about 15 percent of their police force, retired or signed their papers to leave in 2020.

The only reform for NYC and many other cities across America is to stop voting for Democrats.


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