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SURVEY: Americans Do Not Think Joe Biden Or Congressional Democrats Are Focused On Their #1 Concern – Inflation

They just don’t care.

The Biden administration has said that President Joe Biden‘s top priority is to fix the inflation problem that his administration, along with congressional Democrats, created by spending us into oblivion, not doing anything to fix the supply chain problem to get more goods on the market, and continuing to pay people to stay home and not work.

Yet, according to a new GSG/GBAOStrategies poll, Americans don’t feel that the Democratic Party is focused on the problems caused by inflation. And why would they? Joe Biden doesn’t have to buy gasoline, and I am fairly certain that the president will have a fabulous dinner every night before Matlock.

Even though Americans say that inflation is one of the top things they worry about, they believe neither Biden nor the Democrats in Congress care enough to be bothered.

The poll asked, “Which of these issues do you feel President Joe Biden and Congress are actually most focused on?”

There are 4 issues Americans think Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress are focused on the most, which are foreign policy – because of Ukraine – the COVID pandemic, abortion, and climate change.

Only 26% believe the Democrats are focused on inflation while another 26% think they are focused on jobs and the economy. Those are not good numbers. Those are the people who think Democrats crap rainbows and ice cream. This is a problem for Democrats because most Americans believe these two areas are the most important issues heading into the midterm elections.

Some time ago, I started thinking that what they have done to our economy is intentional. Not even Joe Biden is this incompetent. For example, I believe gas prices are rising specifically because of the executive orders Biden wrote – all unconstitutional by the way – on trashing our energy sector are bearing the fruit of a scheme for force Americans to buy electric cars. The Left can’t convince people to buy them so they are trying to force them into it by making oil and gas so expensive they can’t afford it. Meanwhile, Americans are hurting because of it. Rising gas prices means rising costs for everything Americans purchase because the things we buy are delivered either to the stores where we shop or directly to our homes, and trucks and planes use gasoline and they have to pass the high costs of fuel onto the consumer.

The poll also asked respondents what issues they feel are the most important for Biden and Congress to focus on. The top of the list was inflation at 54%. Next was jobs and the economy at 50%. Next, Americans felt national security and foreign policy at 31%, and the COVID pandemic at 29%.

This means that Americans do not believe Biden and the Democrats in Congress care about the two most important issues to them, the economy and inflation.

“There has been an 11-point increase since February in the share who say inflation is their number one issue (from 14% to 25%) while there has been a 10-point decline in the share saying the pandemic is their number one issue (from 18% to 8%),” the survey noted.

The poll found that 59% of Americans are “frustrated” with politics ever since Biden has been elected coming in at 39 percent Democrats, 51% Independents, and 81% of Republicans.

The poll was conducted between May 19 – 23, and included 1,000 registered voters.

The Democrats do know that these numbers are really bad and that it’s not looking very good for them, and amazingly they don’t seem to care. Could this mean they are confident they are somehow going to defy all the odds – just like in 2020 – and win the midterm elections? [wink wink]

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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