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Surgeon General Rolls Out His Plan to Control Free Enterprise and Small Business, Creates ‘Change Makers’

The federal government under Joe Biden and the far left can be expected to be a series of power grabs and domination over liberty-loving people, especially for entrepreneurs and leaders of small business groups; we can expect legislative pressures upon citizens to become more dependent on the Government and less independent in our affairs.

The US Surgeon General has already made his play to force US small business leaders to push The State’s propaganda about “Health Issues” under the guise of the “Pandemic.

A report detailing how the US Surgeon General would implement pressures was released on Tuesday:

.”From the report:

“Surgeon General Priority: Community Health and Economic Prosperity

The health of Americans is not as good as it could be, despite large expenditures on healthcare. Our poorer health status creates costs and challenges for individuals, families, communities, and businesses. It can drag on the economy, as too many jobs remain unfilled and productivity is adversely affected. Many of our poor health problems are rooted in inadequate investments in prevention and unequal economic opportunities in our communities.

To improve the health of Americans and help foster more sustainable and equitable prosperity, the Office of the Surgeon General is implementing an initiative called “Community Health and Economic Prosperity” or “CHEP” for short. The CHEP initiative will use a multipronged approach – PDF* focused on:

  • Engaging businesses to be community change-makers and forces for health in their communities
  • Implementing solutions to help improve and sustain the health of communities, such as comprehensive smoke-free policies and affordable housing
  • Strengthening communities to be places of opportunity for health and prosperity for all

CHEP joins other efforts in communities and across the nation, all striving to improve health and increase everyone’s opportunity. In addition to a focus on health and economic opportunity, what ties these together is a recognition that health happens in communities and is tied to conditions in communities, such as the quality and availability of housing, education, and jobs. What sets CHEP apart is the focus on businesses and the private sector as critical agents of change to improve communities’ conditions and improve their own bottom lines.


When you see the left using the word “Community” think Community Organizing-Communist Organizing.

At the link are a series of links to other reports.  From the report, “Community Health and Economic Prosperity: Engaging Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders—A Report of the Surgeon General” page 25.

Here is how the US Government plans to pressure small business owners into being “change makers” in their community if they want to stay in business.

Gone are the days of “Free Market Capitalism.”

The US Government wants business leaders to “Foster a Culture of Stewardship.”

In the following ways:

Stewardship refers to a company managing its impact on society. This requires addressing
problems at a systems level—through policy, investment, and education, for example.
ƒ Embrace the positive role of business to strengthen communities. Businesses are
perhaps the most powerful institutions on earth. Wielding that power for good has been
a successful strategy for business.

ƒ Support local, state, and federal policies that meaningfully increase economic
opportunities and equitably improve the health of communities, employees, and
families. Businesses have a powerful voice that can shape policy, including spending and
implementing policies that have equitable impacts, with the most beneficial impacts on those
most in need.

ƒ Use hiring and procurement tools to strengthen communities and explore opportunities
to unleash untapped potential at the local level. Strengthening local business relationships
can help improve hiring and address supply-chain problems while also strengthening

ƒ Invest business profits in strengthening communities. Businesses can invest in other
businesses, entrepreneurs, community development, and more, while prioritizing investments
that meet a community need and support commercial success.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ilan Irie

    January 19, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    Health is about diet, proper supplementation ,exercise, positive relationships and worship. Has nothing to do with money!

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