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Supreme Court Rules That Hillary Clinton Is Above The Law – Justice Is Dead

Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich gave the keys to the arena where ballots were stored. Furthermore left radical and former Facebook employee Michael Spitzer Rubenstein. Was given full access, including internet access. The mayor of Green Bay has been hit by a formal complaint over how he gave full access to radical political activist, Rubenstein. That has made the official vote count in doubt.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Wisconsin state lead for the National Vote at Home Institute, was given secret internet access to the hotel convention center, where the votes were being counted. Rubenstein was also heavily involved with the vote there as well. Here is his request for access  into ‘WisVote’ per an email obtained by Wisconsin HOT:

FOX 11 reported:

The complaint states Genrich mishandled the November election by allowing a non-resident to run Central Count operations.

In the Code of Conduct for City of Green Bay , the code states that “members of the Common Council and the Mayor shall maintain the utmost standards of personal integrity, trustfulness, honesty, and fairness in carrying out their public duties.”

Green Bay resident Kimber Rollin alleges Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich violated that code in a complaint filed with the city on Thursday.

Rollin points out the city used grant money from the Center for Tech and Civil Life to help carry out the November election.

The complaint alleges, as part of that grant, Genrich allowed non-resident Michael Spitzer Rubenstein to run Central Count.

Rollin argues allowing a non-resident to run Central Count is a violation of Wisconsin State Statutes.

Genrich has defended the city’s handling of the election for the past year, including comments during a March 16 common council meeting. Genrich said, “Now nothing of human creation is perfect, but our election was pretty darn close.”

In October a group of local Wisconsin patriots who call themselves ‘Wisconsin HOT’uncovered a major election scandal through a Freedom of Information request. They learned that a clerk in Racine was working with Rubenstein. This was improper and possibly criminal. 23,000 voters in Racine had the same phone number. I may be wrong, but I find that hard to believe.

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