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Supply Chain Shortages Affecting Basic Services And Much More As They Break Down In Cities And Towns Across America

People are now sharing photos of empty store shelves in their cities and towns all across the country. It is insufferable to listen to President Joe Biden or any one of his mouthpieces in the administration look you in the eye and tell you that there is no supply chain problem.

Like the hundreds or even allegedly thousands of Americans left behind in Afghanistan, Biden is dealing with supply chain issues by ignoring the whole thing and hoping he will not be asked about it again while allowing over 2 million illegal aliens into the country in hopes of them illegally voting in 2022, fighting to get rid of the Senate’s filibuster rule so Democrats can ram through any bills they want, and spending us into a Cloward and Piven calamity.

At this point, the supply chain problem in the US is a Biden administration problem.

I go into Target, Giant Supermarket, and Walmart to see empty shelves all over the stores. In fairness, it’s not like every shelf is bare where I go, but each section of the stores has multiple empty shelves.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Many stores are seeing a self-fulfilling prophecy come to light by the supply chain problems. Responding to shortages, shoppers purchase more than what they need, thinking they will get a jump on the products that are in the store at the time of purchase before the supply chain issues catch up to them, and that causes merchandise to drain faster than normal.

Shelves are being restocked, but very slowly, as cargo ships are waiting off the coasts of California, Massachusetts, New York and others for up to an average 17 days. That’s because the ports can’t find enough people to hire to offload the ships. The Biden administration is paying people to not work and when that happens… you guessed it… people don’t work.

And the supply chain problems are just escalating weekly.

In the same manner we were told that inflation was just a transitory thing, which was a lie because inflation is still here and it’s gotten worse, we were also told that the supply chain problem will be worked out, yet we don’t hear Biden flunkies bragging about how marvelous they are to have fixed the problems.

And it’s not just food that is the problem. We have serious issues going on that will affect the way we live our lives, shortages of things that most of us aren’t even thinking about. For example, computer chips have been in short supply since 2021 was coming to a close and we were told that the problem would soon go away. But the numbers being revealed are showing us that the situation has gotten even worse. According to ZeroHedge, microchip delivery time is 25.8 weeks as of November. And it’s not getting any better.

People around the country have been posting photos of empty shelves, so though it’s becoming a serious national problem, at least you know you’re not alone.



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