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Submissive Skittish Sorority Girls, Kappa Delta, Betray Amy Coney Barret After Left Comes Unhinged

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been treated very unkindly by her own sorority sisters in an ultimate act of betrayal, when they floated out a “Congratulations” tweet after Barrett’s nomination to the highest court in America, to virtue signal to an angry mob of politically motivated activists whose purpose is to cancel anything or anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics.

According to their own literature: The principles and ideals upon which our organization was founded are ingrained in everything we do as a sorority, and our members, chapter programs, and initiatives reflect these values every day. Motto: Ta Kala Diokomen which means, “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.”

Do women have the right and choice to be Conservative, Christians Moms? Or is that choice not on the table for women any longer because it might outrage a group of activists who benefit from getting women to change their minds, under pressure or threats of violence?

Is the Burka next for Kappa Delta, because surely somewhere the world can blame college aged Sorority girls for something, and people start wars over short skirts and long hair.

In an ironic twist of logic, Kappa Delta betrayed themselves, their sisters and their founding members and made it public for the world to see, degrading themselves, and their community, in ultimate humilation.

Listen to their logic, a representative of Kappa Delta was eager to partake in politics and wrote:

“To our sisters and others who were hurt by yesterday’s social media post or subsequent removal, we are deeply sorry,” the sorority said in a statement. “Our approach was disappointing and hurtful to many. We do not intend to enter into a political debate, take a stand on the supreme court nomination, caused division among our sisters, or alienate any of our members. We now understand that was the impact.

Earlier this year, we began an intentional journey for the betterment of our organization, with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion,” it continued. “Part of this process is recognizing we always need to have a more diverse group at all tables to make decisions in a more holistic, inclusive manner. Going forward, we will.”

“Our mission encourages members to be responsible, engaged citizens who act on issues that are important to them. Your voices help us recognize the impact of our communications and how we can do better moving forward thank you for holding us accountable,” the post on Twitter read.

And in a shameful and submissive move, the Kappa Delta Sorority ran to a safe place, without considering the opportunity they had to defend their sister, to defend all their members, and to do something meaningful for women, instead they chose to run away without the slightest concern to the many conservative women in Greek life, because there are many.

If the purpose is do to more than meet boys and drink beer, Kappa Delta, you failed and you need to do better.

On your list of guidelines is nothing about celebrating the historic achievements of a sister? Of being proud of your own achievements? This takes women back to the dark ages, and frankly, it is embarrassing.

Go back to the drawing table, Kappa Delta. This is unacceptable. Retreating and groveling to appease the left is not pretty, American women should neve give in to being censored, or being forced to appease an angry, politically motivated mob, no matter what our opinion is, and “Sisterhood” means something in hard times as well as at Fraternity parties.


Kari Donovan

Member of Alpha Phi

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