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Study Reveals Black Americans 4 Times As Likely To Be Persecuted By Vaccine Mandates Than White People

SOURCE: diana-polekhina on, muthengi-mbuvi on

Critical Race Theory is all the rage now among Marxists and other America haters who love to pull statistics right from their butts to support their outrageous and racist premises hoping upon hope that there will always be enough stupid Americans who will fall for their nonsense, people like leftists, Democrats, RINO Republicans, and other useful idiots.

It’s not easy to establish the belief that systemic racism is the cause of every ill in America, including humidity, and that’s because the real numbers and stats just don’t add up to support the bullschtein that they circulate day in and day out.

However, there is one issue I will surrender to the racist Marxist mob where the numbers and stats haven’t yet been manipulated (it’s still early) that shows there is systemic racism in policy and that’s with the vaccine mandates. The numbers are just irrefutable.

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), found that minorities in America are far more likely to be “vaccine hesitant” than are white Americans. Okay, I told a little lie. Some of the data in this study was manipulated. The study says that a lack of “vaccine access” is a part of the reason why minorities are hesitant to get vaccinated. That claim is laughable any way you look at it.

Seriously, how do the people who presented the study sleep at night? Think about this for a bit. The people who conducted the study are trying to tell you that a lack of access to a vaccine is what is making people hesitant to get vaccinated. If someone wants to get vaccinated and they don’t have access to it, that would make them more determined to find ways to vaccinated. That’s called human nature. But liberals are not human. I don’t know what they are, but they certainly don’t behave like rational thinking human beings.

If we can put their dopey conclusions aside and look at the raw data, it’s very revealing. White people are the least hesitant to get vaccinated at 7.3 percent. Next are Asians that sit at 10 percent. Hispanic and mixed-race or other are about the same at 15.6 percent for the former and 16.6 percent for the latter. Black Americans are the most hesitant, making up over a quarter or 28 percent saying they have some degree of hesitancy in getting vaccinated.

We are now seeing private businesses across the country mandating that employees and customers provide proof of being vaccinated. Cities like San Francisco and New York are already forcing vaccinate passport requirements just to use the bathroom facilities in the building. People who have not yet been vaccinated are not allowed to travel and pretty soon I predict they will stop all travel because vaccinated people can catch COVID too.

Teachers unions are the worst of the lot. Talk about pure evil. They are demanding that teachers and students get vaccinated even though the science says children are not at risk of dying from COVID as close to 100 percent of kids who caught COVID recovered from it easily, and the ones who didn’t had some other underlying condition liker Leukemia. That’s from the CDC’s numbers. Forcing children to get an experimental vaccine is on a level of evil we haven’t seen in the world since WWII.

Let’s start pointing out to our leftist overlords that the numbers prove that vaccine mandates will disproportionately affect minorities worse than white people. Tell your members of Congress that vaccine passports are patently racist. If black Americans are least likely to want to get vaccinated and the Democrats in power want to force everyone to get an experimental vaccine, then the policy is overtly racist.

The proponents of Critical Race Theory should be shouting from the rooftops that they actually have found a real case they can claim is systemically racist, complete with a study that reveals black Americans will be affected the most by a racist mandatory vaccine policy.

Granted, these are probably the same dopes who say having to show valid ID to vote is systemically racist, so we would expect them to go against vaccine passports too. Not on your life.

Apparently, white radical progressives have taken over the Critical Race Theory hustle, because they are the ones pushing for mandatory vaccinations which are set to oppress black people more than a systemically racist system, more than police, the justice system, and the whole gambit of complaints by CRT proponents. This is the defining moment for Critical Race Theory. If they allow the white radical progressives to get away with mandatory vaccinations, then the whole CRT hustle will dry up and wither away on the vine.


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