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Stop Living in Fear, America

In the past few days, COVID restrictions have ramped up and governors have begun making new rules regarding gatherings and mask-wearing. So naturally, this means that everyone should buy every roll of toilet paper available and start allowing fear back into our hearts.

I completely disagree with the whole idea of shutting the country back down, placing crazy restrictions on the holidays, and amping up mask mandates. What these governors are claiming to be trying to do is simply prevent another shutdown. To a degree, there may be some truth to this. However, from what I’ve seen of Democrats, all they want to do is instill more fear.

See, the way this works is Democrats create more fear and panic with mask mandates, shutdowns, and lies about vaccines not being ready (to make Trump look bad). Then they “come out with a vaccine” (that Trump and his task force have created and gotten to a point of being almost ready) and paint themselves as the heroes.

If you’ve seen the Disney movie the Incredibles this may sound a bit familiar. The villain in the movie creates another villain/monster thing so that he can come out to the world as a hero and defeat his creation. His plan is to defeat what he’s created thus making himself look incredible to the world and take attention away from the Incredibles. 

Someone tell me this doesn’t sound like the Democrats this year.

The only way this plan works, however, is if we allow ourselves to be drawn into the fear. If we rush to the store to buy out every paper product and container of Lysol wipes they win. If we stop going near our friends and families, refrain from the hugs we’re just getting back to giving, and start retreating back into our homes, Democrats are victorious.

America, we are so much stronger than this. 

I love how at the beginning of the virus we all banded together to stay home to keep eachother safe. For a couple weeks, the world was on the same page and united. But then the people that were beginning to realize that it wasn’t working became the bad guys. Business owners that wanted to be able to open back up to provide for their families were considered selfish. Individuals wanted the world to get back to normal because the isolation was negatively affecting their mental health and were deemed crazy.

It isn’t selfish to not want to live in fear and be locked away like we’re crazy. It’s normal. It isn’t rude to not wear a mask. First we wore masks to protect ourselves. Then we wore them not to protect ourselves but others, now we are supposed to wear them to protect both ourselves and others. It’s getting a tad too confusing for me. The back and forth about how the virus spreads or doesn’t spread, the inconsistencies, and the lies too much.

They aren’t making Americans safer or filling them with peace because there are solutions on the way. We were told to quarantine for two weeks to stop the spread. That didn’t work so people got scared. 

America, we’ve been through all of this. None of us want to repeat it. I hope the vaccine calms things down, I really do, but if it doesn’t, we can’t just live in fear for the next however many months until the Democrats decide the virus can end. 

Americans, this fear is more dangerous than the virus. It’s putting people on edge, isolating individuals from their family and friends and making people more toxic and harsh to one another.  Take a deep breath, realize that this virus has a 99% survival rate, and start living your life with the peace that comes from knowing it’s going to be okay.

The choice is ultimately yours, though. Living in fear is your choice, of course, but you’ll be giving the Democrats what they want.

I’m choosing to live my life without fear of what the Democrats are doing and will try to do in the future. I know where I stand, and I will defend it and my values with hope regardless of what the left tries to do.

I’d love for you to join me. 

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