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Stone on Fire at Supreme Court: “Bowser is a Fish Faced Enemy of the People”

Will Johnson of America United First, was live with Political Icon Roger Stone, just a few short weeks after Stone received a full Presidential Pardon from President Donald J. Trump. Stone appeared at a Virginia Women for Trump rally on the US Supreme Court’s steps in Washington DC on Wednesday, with the theme of One Nation Under God; the organizer was Alice Butler Short, who founded Virginia Women for Trump in 2015.

Stone, delivered a rousing speech to a crowd of thousands who had waited in the dreary cold, to hear Stone, and show their support of the man who is most likely responsible for talking Trump into running for political office, after decades of considering the idea.

Stone, after being harassed in Soviet Style trails in the media, arrested and exploited by the FBI, and harassed by the far-left radical activist judge and placed under a lengthy gag order so he could not defend himself, showed his legendary triumphant side, on Wednesday to scores of enthusiastic supporters, on the occasion of the “Stop the Steal” week in DC.

And Johnson was there to capture it all:

“We must do one simple thing- Stop the Steal,” Stone said in support of Trump. I am here for three reasons. One, I love the United States of America Two, I love the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, Donald J. Trump and three I love Alice Butler Short of Virginia Women for Trump.,” Stone said.

“I am here to thank you for being in this fight because we are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore. Where we come, there is something we say when people tell us that Joe Biden won….(watch the video). This is not a fight before Democrats and Republicans or a fight between liberals and Conservatives, this is a fight for the future of the United States of America and Western Civilization, between the God and Godless and we dare not fail, or we will step out into a thousand years of darkness.

To those who seek to takeover this country with their phony Ukrainian hoax and Russian Hoax, can not win an honest elections. Trump won the legal counts cast.

Who is advising Bill Barr who can’t find voter fraud? Stevie Wonder. We are committed to living for and fighting for the truth. The left is the violet ones. The media told you that 4 people were stabbed; they did not tell you that 4 Trump supporters were stabbed. They told you that 86 people were injured, but they didn’t tell you that 78 of them were Trump supporters. No, we are not here for violence or confrontation, Mayor. We are here to express our God Given First Amendment Rights.”

“And you Mayor are a Fish Faced Enemy of the people!” Stone said.


Bowser is note-able for her use of her powers to harass Trump supporters, especially the Proud Boys.
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