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Still His Biggest Admirer, Barack Obama Refers to Himself 33 Times in WH Speech To Celebrate Anniversary Of Obamacare

Barack Hussein Milhous Benito Obama hasn’t changed at all. A thing conservatives loved to participate in was during Obama’s State of the Union speeches, they would text or email with friends to count how many times the former president would refer to himself.

Obama went to the White House on Tuesday to celebrate the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. He has not visited the White House in 5 years.

According to TVEyes transcription software search of MSNBC, during a speech the 44th president gave for the event, the former Narcissist-in-Chief referred to himself using the words “I,” “I’m,” “me,” and “my” no less than 33 times. He did this while standing next to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Even though the Obama administration was plagued a lot of scandals, Obama tried several times to gaslight America at the end of his presidency by saying he was proud that his administration wasn’t plagued by the types of scandals that would have embarrassed them. What about spying on an opposing party’s presidential nominee?

Obama’s speech was about the Accordable Care Act that saw premiums skyrocket.

“So when President Biden said he was not going to just celebrate the ACA but also announce actions that would make it even better, I had to show up,” Obama said.

“Members of Congress took courageous votes, including some who knew that their vote would likely cost them their seat,” Obama said. “And the night we passed the ACA, I’ve said it before; it was a high point of my time here because it reminded me and reminded us of what is possible.”

In other words, it was possible to lie to the American people to get it passed because the program that was put into effect was nothing like what was promised.  You were not able to keep your plan. You were not able to keep your doctor. Americans did not save $2,500 a year by lowering premiums. In fact, for most people, their premiums went up. You did not have more access to care. Those with pre-existing conditions were not protected from bankruptcy.

“Everybody feels frustrated sometimes about what takes place in this town. Progress feels way too slow,” Obama said. “But what the Affordable Care Act shows is that, if you are driven by the core idea that together we can improve … if you stay with it and are willing to work through the obstacles and the criticism and continually improve where you fall short — you can make America better.”

What a load of malarkey.

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