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Still Bitter, Hillary Clinton Says It Makes Her ‘sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years’ of Trump

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is apparently still not over her epic loss to President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, and she’s still bitter about it.

During a recent appearance on Kara Swisher’s New York Times Opinion podcast, “Sway,” the former secretary of state said that she was “born” to be president and that it makes her “sick” to her stomach to think Trump could win reelection.  That’s interesting, because it made me sick to think that she could have won in 2016 and we would be living in a nightmare right now.

At one point Swisher asked Clinton if she thought a woman president would handle the coronavirus pandemic more ably.

Clinton responded by championing herself, saying, “I have no doubt, especially if it were me.”

“I was born for that. I mean, that’s why I knew I’d be a good president. I was ready for crises and emergencies, and I would have done what you see these women leaders doing. You listen to the science. You bring in people in an open, inclusive way. You communicate constantly, you make the case by explaining why what you’re doing is in the long-term interests, not only of health, but also, of the economy. Yeah, I have no doubt in my mind at all that I would have stepped up to that crisis.”

Thank God the American people disagreed.  Does anyone believe Hillary Clinton would have handled the COVID-19 pandemic better than Trump did?  I’m talking about in reality and not the made up world of the Left.  She would have done a lousy job and the press would have praised her anyway.

I believe Clinton would have been a control freak president where she not only would control businesses and industries, but she would try to get a government grasp on everyone’s individual lives as well.

When the interview moved on to Trump’s re-election possibilities, Clinton chimed in, saying, “I can’t entertain the idea of him winning.”

“It would cause cognitive dissonance of a grave degree,” she said, which is ironic, because I believe most people who voted for her in 2016 did so holding their noses, because they knew she was not a great candidate.

Clinton then went on saying that just thinking about another Trump win would also make her physically ill.

“It makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions, and damaging of our norms and our values, and lessening of our leadership, and the list goes on. But there’s no doubt that he would do everything he could to attack and punish anyone who was, in his view, an adversary …

… I don’t think he has any boundaries at all, Kara. I don’t think he has any conscience. He’s obviously not a moral, truthful man. So he will do whatever he can to lift himself up. And remember, as I said, he lives with this specter of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he got really elected than we still do. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the years ahead.”

Apparently, Hillary suffers from the same Trump Derangement Syndrome that afflicts most Fake News reporters, where she believes Donald Trump abuses institutions and our values while the exact opposite is true.  The President Trump I see has always gone out of his way to remain within the limited powers of Article II, something most presidents have not done in my lifetime.  The problem for Clinton and all of her sycophants is that they don’t understand what America truly means.  They don’t understand the promise of America and how to take advantage of it.  They see American society broken down into different constituent groups, all to be manipulated differently for the “greater good” whatever their definition.  Trump gets America.  He understands that powerful people were selling out American workers to globalist intentions, and he has reined that in.

Clinton, who has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, last year reportedly considered running for president again in 2020.  She has had a difficult time getting over her 2016 loss, allegedly thinking about a rematch with Trump “all the time.”  She’s bitter, because she thinks she deserves the presidency, that it is owed to her.  According to political consultant Dick Morris who helped Bill Clinton get reelected, she told Morris once that God put her on earth so that she could help people.  And that takes us right back to Clinton not understanding what government is supposed to be in America.  Government is not supposed to help people, rather, government is supposed to protect the freedoms and liberties given to us by God and held within our Constitution.  Once government protects our rights, we’ll do the rest.  She doesn’t get it, and Trump does, and that’s why he won, and it’s why he will win again.

Yet despite radiating enough bitterness about the result of the election four years ago that makes people not want to be near her, Clinton wanted listeners to know that it’s Trump, not her, who remains plagued by the outcome.

“Well, I think I live rent-free in his head,” she said. “He does not live rent-free in my head, because I have very little regard for him.”

Recently released documents show that it was Hillary Clinton who started the whole Russian collusion lie, and that she did it to get her illegal private email server off the front pages and top stories of news rooms everywhere.  Clinton effectively took away the peaceful transition of power for President Trump, sinking the country into a Constitutional crisis of never-ending investigations all hinged on her lies.

The failed candidate said that she is sure Biden will now do what she couldn’t and beat Trump.  She probably knows the level of cheating the Democrats are planning.  She said, “most Republicans are going to want to close the page” on the Trump era.

“They have been cowards, spineless enablers of him,” she added. There’s that wonderful Clinton charm.  “They want to see him gone as much as we do, but they can’t say it publicly.”

It is a real shame for Hillary and those Never Trump RINOs that the overwhelming majority of the people love and support this president in ways Hillary Clinton could never understand.

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