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Steve Kornacki on MSNBC Warned Democrats That Hispanic Voters Are Continuing To Leave Their Party

Democrats never came through for Hispanic voters and now they’re seeing what happens.

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC national political correspondent, warned the Democrats that Hispanic voters are maintaining a mass departure from the Democratic Party heading into the midterm elections.

“One of the major stories to emerge from the 2020 election was the shift we saw in the Hispanic vote,” Kornacki said on the network on Monday.

“You know what? The trend seems to be continuing in 2022. What you’re looking at here, this is the average of every poll we’ve got out there that’s been taken over the last three months that looks at the Hispanic vote,” Kornacki said.

Support for the Democrats among the Hispanic voting population has dropped to only 48 percent as support for Republicans has risen to 35 percent. That’s a net margin of 13 percent. And the Democrats only have themselves to blame. When you treat people like political chattel, you’re going to lose their support. It wasn’t the Republicans who locked people down, took away their jobs, forced their kids to first learn virtually and then wear masks for 8 hours a day. The Democratic Party went woke and ignored their base through its transition into Marxism. That base is now letting them know that they noticed and they don’t like it. People vote with their wallets and for the Democrats to take everything away under the guise of protecting them from COVID right after all the prosperity that the Trump years brought, was a really dumb move on the part of the Democrats.

According to Kornacki, Democrats had a leading 38 percent margin of support from Hispanics in 2016, but that went down four years later to only 21 percent in the presidential election. That was probably because many of them recognized that despite the lying rhetoric of the Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the misinformation news media, Donald Trump was not a racist and he brought economic results to middle-class Americans that the Democrats promised for years but never delivered.

“What’s going on here?” Kornacki asked.

Kornacki spoke with Ruy Teixeira, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who in the past said that Hispanics could solidify Democrat power yet he has recently been pointing out why Hispanic support for the Democrats is disintegrating.

“There is something happening that is sending them away from the Democrats,” explained Teixeira.

Democrats look at everyone as if they think the way they think. Teixeira explained that Democrats made the mistake of assuming that Hispanic voters are mostly concerned with racism and discrimination. That’s because the Democrat definition of a racist is anyone who disagrees with them, and Hispanics are coming to realize Republicans are not the racists who fit everyone into a racial box. That gets tiring after a while.

“Hispanic voters are normy voters. They’re voters who are concerned with upward mobility, with jobs, healthcare, their communities, their kids, effective schools, public safety. These are voters who thought the Democrats could be relied upon to do a good job in those respects,” Teixeira said.

“All of that got lost, I think, in the transition from 2016 to 2020, and where we see the Democrats going today, where they’ve become far, far more socially liberal in a whole variety of issues, which do not, in fact, comport well with the median Hispanic voters, especially the median working class.”

A previous report from MSNBC said that Hispanics are turning away from Democrats because of “paranoia” against communism and socialism in public schools and the “really, really, really toxic culture wars.”


This is not the first time Kornacki warned the Democrats about the Hispanic vote leaving the Democratic Party. In 2018, on Bill Maher’s “Real Time,”  he warned Democrats about the Hispanic vote switching over to the Republicans.

From Mediaite:

Kornacki explained to the panel how often in the media and in politics, there’s a generalization that all Latinos care about is immigration and expect Democrats to get the “lion’s share” of the Latino vote.” And he pointed to a recent poll that showed that the top issue among Latino voters was the economy, not immigration.

“One-third of Latinos identified as conservatives. A quarter identified as Republicans,” Kornacki continued. “A poll a couple of weeks ago that had Trump’s approval in one hitting at 41% with Latino voters. I’ve seen it between 35 and 41%.”

The MSNBC analyst also noted that Latino voters have a “historically low participation level” in comparison to other demographics, especially during midterm elections.

“So if you’re a Democrat and you’re looking at California, Texas, Florida, couple other districts around the country where potentially the Latino vote will make or break you, I think that’s your biggest concern right now,” Kornacki told Real Time host Bill Maher. “You got the suburban energy, you got the money, I think that’s a big factor for them.”


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