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Steve Hilton Shreds Biden And His Gang Of Lying Dems: ‘Total Clown Show!’

Democrats have tried convincing Americans that there will not be a recession, meanwhile Friday the stock market crashed.

Democrats have tried convincing Americans that there will not be a recession, meanwhile Friday the stock market crashed. Still, they claim to have the ‘strongest economy’ in history. The Biden administration is making history but it’s a ‘clown sho’, Fox News host Steve Hilton explains.

Hilton absolutely went off on Sunday blasting the Biden regime. What’s fascinating about American politics right now is that the Democrats’ policy agenda seems to be based on owning themselves time after time on every issue like clockwork,” Hilton began. “Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Own goal. Own goal. Own goal. One after another without fail, no end in sight.”

He added, “We saw it on Thursday with a committee investigating the Capitol riot. They said they wanted to bring the country together, restore faith in our democracy. So what did they do? Take something we can all agree on, that the Capitol riot was a disgraceful stain on America that should never have been allowed to happen and turn it into partisan point scoring.”

Hilton pointed out how the committee never asked how the riot was allowed to happen in the first place or how they can prevent it from happening in the future.

“Then on Tuesday,” Hilton continued, “we saw them own themselves in California, in the primary election. Let’s have all mail voting, they said. Let’s send everyone a ballot whether they ask for one or not. That’s the way to increase participation. That’s the way to get everyone voting. Remove the barriers, send out the ballots. No more voter suppression. That’s saving our democracy, folks. But wait, what was the turnout again? 21%, yeah, around half the turnout in the last midterm primary when most people voted in person.”

Hilton went on to cover another Biden-caused crisis—baby formula shortages. He shredded the regime for claiming to have it all under control:

“On Wednesday we had the latest fiasco in their baby formula crisis. Look at this. They told us “another flight with baby formula, it’s a miracle, now that makes three flights, three whole flights, three really big airplanes full of formula,” you know, and those big pilot things you can see there. “Aren’t we amazing with our bold, dramatic action?” Are you? Let’s check the data.

The week before their bold dramatic action, designed. Let’s remember, to address a baby formula shortage they created, shortages of baby formula stood at 45%. The week after their bold, dramatic action, it was much worse, 70%. And two weeks after they announced their solution to the problem they created, it got even worse. 73.58% in ten states. They made it even worse than that with shortages over 90%, 94% in Georgia, Arizona, Mississippi and California, nearly 100% after this total clown show of self owning Democrats launched their solution.”


What’s just as insane to me is how the administration and Democrats continue to claim that Biden’s approval rating is sky-high despite every known report showing that he has a lower approval rating than Jimmy Carter. That actually ‘teased’ that Biden could run again in 2024—Showing they’re either delusional or they think we are.

Erica Carlin
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