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Steve Bannon Goes Scorched Earth on January 6 Committee & How Crooked It Is, Denies He Was In Contempt of Congress on Day 2 of Trial [VIDEO]

No judge, no jury, no way to cross-examine witnesses, most of whom have lied.

On Tuesday, former Trump Chief Strategist and 2016 Campaign Manager Steve Bannon brought the heat with him to the courthouse on the second day of his political show trial.

Bannon’s defense team argued that the former Trump administration official did not outright ignore the Stalinist January 6 Committee because his attorneys were in direct negotiations with the committee. One of his attorneys argued that the subpoena was politically motivated. Bannon claimed the panel is nothing more than a kangaroo court.

Also, how come Donald Trump is the only president where executive privilege does not extend beyond his term? What’s that all about? The liberals made this same type of example throughout his administration. We saw federal activist judges blocking is travel ban and applying racist meanings to it that were never there. When Trump repealed Barack Obama‘s unconstitutional DACA executive order, a federal judge told him he couldn’t do it. And on and on it went with Democrat judges throwing monkey wrenches into Trump’s agenda. Up until Trump was elected, any president could rescind any previous president’s executive order. So why not Trump? Because the Democrats hated him and they do not act fairly.

The prosecution accused the former White House aide of thinking he was above the law.

Bannon made a pit stop to speak to the American people and explain to the misinformation news media how corrupt the whole process is before going into the courthouse on Day 2 of the trial.

He told the fake news folks and his supporters in the crowd, “I challenge Benny Thompson [Chairman of the J6 Committee] today to have the courage to come to this courthouse. If he is going to challenge somebody with a crime, he’s got to be man enough to show up here or send somebody like Shifty Schiff or Fang-Fang Swalwell. Or Liz Cheney. Send somebody on the committee who has the guts to come here and accuse somebody of a crime!”

The things is, Bannon’s defense team subpoenaed the Chairman of the J6 farce Committee, Bennie Thompson. Thompson is claiming to have tested positive for COVID so he can’t appear during the trial. I don’t believe he tested positive for COVID. I think he’s lying and someone should look into that. Either that, or the trial should be put on hold until Bannon’s witness can appear.

WATCH: (volume is low)

One of the biggest problems we are facing today is the Democrats’ weaponisation of Congress’ investigatory powers. The Congress can only do an investigation for “legislative” purposes and not for criminal prosecutions, but shortly after Donald Trump was elected President, the Democrats began grabbing law enforcement and judicial powers they Constitutionally don’t have to weaponise their investigations. Think back to their Russian collusion hoax, where they wasted millions of dollars on what they knew from the start was not true. They have made the process the punishment.

No judge, no jury, no way to cross-examine their so-called “witnesses.” Just a panel of corrupt politicians running an unconstitutional witch hunt and all of this is being done to stop one man from running in 2024. All of your tax dollars are being spent to block Donald Trump from running.

The Democrats rig everything in their favor. I would not be surprised if they have rigged the judge overseeing Bannon’s trial.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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