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Steve Bannon Found Guilty by a Washington, DC Jury Becomes Another Victim of the Double Standard in Democrat Party Politics

There are two systems of justice in this country.

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was found guilty of Contempt of Congress after he ignored a subpoena from the Stalinist House January 6 Committee. Up until Bannon, that was not considered a crime at all. I say that because Democrats are never convicted of Contempt of Congress ever. Personally, I believe the Congress, especially when the Democrats are in charge, invites our contempt on an almost daily basis.

Isn’t it strange how Bannon claimed executive privilege which worked just fine for former Obama administration‘s Attorney General Eric Holder when he was held in Contempt of Congress by a vote of 255 – 67 meaning Democrats joined Republicans, but who, unlike Bannon, actually committed a crime in the Fast and Furious scandal where he was gun-running in the Mexican drug cartel, yet Bannon may now go to prison for it despite the fact that Bannon had literally nothing to do with January 6?

And don’t forget that a federal judge ruled that executive privilege did not apply in Holder’s case, but it didn’t matter because he was working for a Democrat administration.

Right after Holder was held in contempt he went to a meeting being held by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and he told the audience that he was just held in Contempt of Congress because he was the first black Attorney General, basically accusing the Republican Congress of holding him in contempt because they were racists. What a scumbag.

Wired magazine wrote a story in 2012 about it with the headline, “Holder Held in Contempt of Congress, Which Means Almost Nothing.”

Lois Lerner of the Obama IRS who got caught attacking conservatives during an election year by ordering audits on them and by holding up their 501(C)(3) status so that they couldn’t put up political ads, was charged with Contempt of Congress for not turning over documents, but she plead the 5th and that was that. Nothing happened to her either. There was no trial.

Welcome to the DC Double Standard.

It is against the law to do selective prosecution, so when the DOJ prosecuted Bannon for something that they did not prosecute others for it violates that legal doctrine. This is listed in the Due Process Clause of the very same Fifth Amendment Lerner used that guarantees equal protection for all persons under the law.

Greg Craig, Obama’s former White House Legal Counsel, was acquitted of a Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) violation, which is when you do work for a foreign government and you do not register it with our federal government. The problem I have with this is that at the exact same time Craig was let off the hook, Paul Manafort was being convicted of the same thing, and get this. Craig was hired by Manafort to do the work that Craig didn’t register with the government but he was let go. In fact, I believe the Obama FBI contacted Craig and told him they were about to go after Manafort, so he had better back date his notice to the government. It’s an unbelievably unfair world in DC. I believe DC juries look to see if the defendant has a D or an R on their name and if Trump is in any way involved, they instantly decide.

Former Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann was recently acquitted by another DC jury of lying to the FBI on behalf of Clinton. The working theory was that no one really knew what Sussmann meant when he told the FBI that he was not working for anyone as he was turning over fraudulent information about non-existent servers in Trump Tower that were communicating with the Russian Alfa Bank. In the end it was proven in court that he was working for Hillary Clinton.

Yet, that didn’t work with Lt. General Michael Flynn, who was charged with lying to the FBI when they said he told them he didn’t speak with the Russian ambassador about Russian sanctions that Obama put in place. In the end, the transcripts of his FBI interview, the same interview he was charged with lying to the FBI over, reveals that not only did Flynn not lie about speaking to the ambassador about the sanctions, but the FBI never even asked Flynn about the sanctions. There’s a double standard in DC.

Bannon is now facing up to two years of his life in prison for two misdemeanor charges. Bannon’s lawyers subpoenaed members of the January 6 Committee to testify at his trial, but they said they didn’t want to and the judge didn’t force them.

Pretty much all Bannon was allowed to do was sit there and shut up while he was being convicted for ignoring a subpoena for something he clearly had nothing to do with and because of executive privilege. Past presidents have been able to use executive privilege, but not Donald Trump. No way.

The jury was handed the case to begin deliberating on Friday morning after hearing closing arguments from the prosecution and the neutered defense by US District Court Judge Carl Nichols.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged Bannon with two counts of Contempt of Congress and he pleaded not guilty.

His lawyer had said that he was not ignoring the subpoena, as the legal team was in negotiations with the committee.

If there was ever a communist rigged show trial in America, this was it.

Bannon said he could not appear before the committee due to executive privilege to testify over the January 6 two-and-a-half-hour riot at the Capitol while prosecutors pointed out that he left the White House in 2017. So if he left the White House in 2017 and had nothing to do with the January 6 protest, why did the Stalinist committee subpoena him to testify in the first place?

In a comedy of darkness, the prosecutor Molly Gaston during closing arguments Friday morning told the jury, “This is a man who didn’t show up.” Yet Molly didn’t seem to get the irony that Bannon’s subpoenaed witnesses from the January 6 Committee did not show up at the trial. Do those members of the farce committee believe they are above the law?

“He didn’t want to recognize Congress’ authority or play by the government’s rules,” Gaston said. “Our government only works if people show up and play by the rules and are held accountable when they do not.”

Unless they are subpoenaed members of the January 6 Committee.

“When he chose to defy a congressional subpoena, that was a crime,” Gaston continued. “The defendant chose allegiance to Donald Trump over compliance with the law.”

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this entire Soviet-style witch hunt is to get Trump. The prosecutor just said it. While Bannon said executive privilege stopped him from testifying, she said it was because he was loyal to Trump. The message being if you’re a friend of Trump; you go to prison.

His defense told the jurors, “the entire foundation of the government’s case rests” on the testimony of Jan. 6 Committee staffer Kristen Amerling.

“You need to consider whether a witness has a friendship or hostility towards anybody connected with the case, that is something you need to consider,” Bannon’s defense team member Evan Corcoran said.

Corcoran let the Washington, DC jury know that Amerling has a special interest in the outcome of the case. “She’s been doing committee work for Democrats for 20 years. She has a relationship with one of the prosecutors on the case, Mrs. Gaston. It goes back 15 years. She’s contributed her own money to Democratic causes.”

Bannon’s lawyer reminded the jury about testimony that revealed Amerling and Gaston had a relationship outside of work, as members of the same book club. Corcoran also told the jury that politics was also a motivating factor in the case.

“Prosecution has to be based on unbiased neutral evidence,” Corcoran said. “Politics can play no role, and Steve Bannon is innocent,” he added.

Bannon’s sentencing hearing was scheduled for October 21 at 3 pm.

After the verdict, Bannon said to the media that “we may have lost,” but “we’re not going to lose this war.” And he does consider it a war because it is. The Democrats are sending messages that they no longer believe in due process of law. They did not allow Bannon’s witnesses. On the unconstitutional January 6 Committee they do not allow cross-examination of witnesses, meaning the government is not allowing Bannon to face his accusers which is guaranteed. The Sixth Amendment maintains that a person who is accused of a crime has the right to confront a witness against him in a criminal action. Bannon was denied that right when the committee members who were subpoenaed refused to appear and the same judge presiding over a case of Bannon refusing to appear before them allowed it. The Democrats must have gotten the Irony vaccine when they were children because now they don’t get irony.

David Schoen, another Bannon defense attorney, said that the prosecutor’s argument “completely tears asunder Constitutional principle of separation of powers.”

“But shame on this office of the United States Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice for how far it is. They put forward an argument today that completely tears asunder Constitutional principle of separation of powers. They argued to the jury today that when a person gets a subpoena, and executive privilege is invoked, it’s for Congress to decide whether the executive privilege is valid and how broad it is. That’s absolutely false,” Schoen said.

U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves said in a press release that the subpoena “was not an invitation that could be rejected or ignored.” Again, unless the subpoena is for January 6 Committee members who ignored their subpoenas.

“The subpoena to Stephen Bannon was not an invitation that could be rejected or ignored,” Graves said. “Mr. Bannon had an obligation to appear before the House Select Committee to give testimony and provide documents. His refusal to do so was deliberate and now a jury has found that he must pay the consequences.” But what about the witnesses his defense team subpoenaed who had an obligation to appear for his trial according to the Sixth Amendment? Do you see the double standard?

Assistant director in charge of the FBI Washington field office, Steven D’Antuono, said that subpoenas are “critical in our system of government.”

“The tenets of our government rely upon citizens adhering to the established rules of law. Lawful tools, such as subpoenas and other legal orders, are critical in our system of government,” D’Antuono said.

What a joke. The very FBI is cutting what is being described as a very “generous” deal with Hunter Biden right now so that all the criminality that includes his father, the president of the United States, will never see the inside of a courtroom. Don’t talk to us about lawful tools, Mr. D’Antuono.

“Mr. Bannon was found guilty of contempt by a jury of his peers for his choice to ignore  a lawful subpoena. The FBI will continue our sworn duty to investigate those who have committed violations of our laws and hold them accountable for their actions.”

First of all, a Washington, DC jury is not a jury of his peers. Over 90% of the people who live in DC hate Donald Trump’s guts. They considered him guilty before they were chosen to sit on the jury and if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying.

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