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‘Steele Was Being Used By The Russians’: Trump Dossier Critics See Their Suspicions Verified

The arrest last week of Igor Danchenko appears to give credence to what noted Russian scholar  David Satter, theorized at the time that it was Russian disinformation to be used against Trump. That would mean that Russia was using Steele in order to help Hillary win, which makes more sense since they already owned her. The Clinton Foundation received $145 million dollars after Hillary helped Russia buy 25% of all uranium mined in the US.

Danchenko was indicted for lying to the FBI five times. Danchenko was in charge of gathering information for Christopher Steele to put into the Hillary/DNC Dossier. He was designated as the man to tie President Trump to Russia. But, he failed to do that even with telling 5 lies to the FBI and Robert Mueller and his angry Democrats were eating up every word with a spoon. Danchenko was investigated by the Obama administration for possible ties to a Russian spy ring in Washington DC.

Among his many lies, Danchenko told the FBI that he had no contact with a longtime Democratic operative and separately, gave false statements about a phone call and potential meeting with a U.S. citizen who had knowledge of ties between Trump and the Russian government. Many people at the time were wary of the dossier and believed that it was pure misinformation from the Russian government.

Satter concluded:

“The results of the Durham investigation when it’s done [coming out] we’ll see a picture of the Hillary Clinton campaign hungry for discrediting information, indifferent to the truth, and therefore ready to be played by the Russians for their own purposes. “This is “possibly the most successful Russian active measure undertaken in the post-war period,” and done to create division in America in general, not targeting any particular political party.”

From The Daily Caller

The “report that asserts that Russian president Vladimir Putin has been ‘cultivating assisting and supporting Trump’ for years and that the Russians have compromising information (kompromat) on him is, I believe, a deliberate Russian provocation,” Satter wrote in 2017. He further claimed that Steele’s sources “employed the standard techniques of Russian propaganda and manipulation,” and that “Steele was being used by the Russians.”

Satter told the Daily Caller, “there should not have been any doubt right from the beginning” that Russia was involved. What the Danchenko case shows, Satter said, is that the primary source of the allegations were “shadowy Soviet contacts, who are the perfect vehicle for conveying disinformation.”

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