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States Calling for the Removal of the Electoral College Should be Ashamed

15 stated and the District of Columbia have voted within their state governments to install a new process by which presidents are elected.

The new voting method, called the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact,” would allow for states to award their Electoral College votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote. The plan is to get enough states to join the compact so that the total number of electoral votes from the states who favor this new policy would equal 270. Once this happens, those states would decide the results of future presidential elections, effectively cancelling the Electoral College.

Once again, our freedom of electing national leaders is under attack.

The electoral college was created so that no one portion of the country would hold too much power in a presidential election. With the electoral college in place, states with smaller amounts of citizens and electoral votes (like Nebraska, Delaware and New Hampshire), could have a viable impact on choosing the nation’s next president. This way, a candidate won’t be able to obtain office simply by winning a large percentage of the votes in major cities like San Francisco, New York City and Dallas, effectively nullifying the voices of those in rural America.

Furthermore, The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would squash the votes of those within their own state. Even if all the states who support the Compact voted to support one candidate, their voice would have no significance if the rest of the country supported the opposite candidate.

These states, and any others who support this proposition, should be ashamed of themselves and the tyrannical cause they endorse.

Our voting process is unique because it allows for the voice of the few to have as much power as the voice of the many. If we get rid of the Electoral College, all of that disappears and it becomes much easier for a candidate to target a small number of cities in the country and win the popular vote. We need checks and balances of the Electoral College to ensure that even the little guy’s voice matters in an election.

We can’t sit idly by and watch this happen. With each state, our hopes of keeping our voting process fair and free dwindle day by day. Whatever you can do to stop this do it: vote against it, discuss this with your friends and family so they are aware of what is happening. Otherwise, the power of our votes might disappear in the near future.

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