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Starting Now, Biden’s American Rescue Plan Forces PayPal, Venmo, & Others To Report $600 In Transactions & Your Tax Info To The IRS

Remember the few times Joe Biden came out of his basement during the 2020 campaign and told us that he was going to unite us once again because of what Trump did to the country, and that he was going to fix all the problems the last president created (what problems?) and how he was going to be a president for all the people?

So far, the Democrats have been creating stepping stones to a communist regime not unlike the old Soviet Union. Don’t laugh, because there are a lot of things they are doing and have already done right under our noses that will forevermore make you a peasant for King Government.

One such stepping stone is found inside the American Rescue Plan Act that Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress passed with not a single Republican vote, and signed into law by our version of Joseph Stalin, Joseph Biden.

Beginning this month, 3rd party vendors such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and others will start to report $600 in total annual transaction to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Don’t think you can get away with splitting transactions at $599, because it’s not for every transaction. It’s if you do more than $600 of business with any of the apps throughout the entire year.

The government only needs you to be reported one time, because they will then get your tax information from the vendors and they got you. They can then look into all of your banking information if they want.

This has nothing to do with your taxes. It is so that the government will know what you spend your money on and what you are receiving money for. It is to get your tax information from the vendors so that the government can research your banking transactions at any time they please.

So if you’re cleaning out the garage and you find something you sell on eBay, the IRS now wants to know about that sale if you use a cash app from one of the vendors they listed if you get more than $600. And they want your social security number too.

That is not a “center right wing” position. It’s not even a liberal position. That’s a Stalinist position by any measure. The current crop of Democrats is so progressive left they are in danger of falling off the map.

According to the official party lie told by White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, they have implemented this policy to “capture transactions by billionaires that slip through the cracks” and are not reported on their taxes. This is a total bullschtein party lie, because if that is what they really wanted to target, they could have limited it by transaction value, net worth, or average earnings amounts targeted toward billionaires and they didn’t. Their target is really the middle class.

Yellen even tried to pull the old, “it’s just metadata” lie during interviews, claiming that the government doesn’t really care about who you are. Then how come they want the vendors to capture your tax information?

Here’s what PayPal told their users:

You may notice that in the coming months we will ask you for your tax information, like a social security number or tax ID, if you haven’t provided it to us already, in order to continue using your account to accept payments for the sale of goods and services transactions and to ensure there aren’t any issues when these changes take effect in 2022.

Though not a single Republican voted for the American Rescue Plan Act, we have not as of late heard a peep from that party over this Stalinist move that the Biden administration has taken to take away your privacy rights.

And it gets worse. As with tax increases, the compliance for this part of the American Rescue Plan Act (they have real chutzpah calling it that) will cost real money and that money will be passed along to the users of the apps in either increased user fees or increased seller fees per transaction.

For now, you can do a lot of your transactions using cash. But the Democrats have evil plans to conquer that as well by pushing for the United States to go with a digital currency that will remove the value from all coins and Federal Reserve notes. The government will be able to view every transaction you make. Not only that, but they will be able to control every transaction you make. You want to purchase a firearm from a legal FFL, and the government may claim that they don’t believe you need that gun and therefore the government will block your digital currency from purchasing the firearm.

This is why the Democrats beefed up the number of IRS agents. All this new data coming in from the middle class and working-class families will need the extra manpower to control their lives from Washington, DC.

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