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Spectacular – LA Residents Ignore 4th Of July Shutdown By Doing Their Own Fireworks [VIDEO]

Most Californians have had enough of the masks, social distancing, closed beaches, closed businesses, and simply miss living free in the Golden State.

In June there was a buzz back in the air as more businesses, beaches, and other activities were permitted to re-open. People were making July 4th vacation plans as family and friends looked forward to celebrating Independence Day together.

And then the unexpected, Governor Newsom decided, because of a small spike in virus cases reported, as more testing was done, to reverse course, closing the beaches and canceling the fireworks at the last minute.

Not so quick, Southern CA residents gave Sacramento and LA politicians the big finger and filled the skies last night with thousands of spectacular firework displays. Video captured by CBS Los Angeles shows how widespread they were being set off.  And it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Police claimed more than 1,000 fireworks complaints came into various branches, and they tried to respond. But the task was akin to shoveling the ocean with a spoon, and while not every citizen was happy – particularly those with nervous pets – the city was ablaze with lights and sounds for many hours on Saturday night.

With so many independent firework displays taking place, The Los Angeles Police Department Communications Division requested people to not call 911 to report illegal fireworks until someone is harmed or there was a fire.

The Los Angeles Fire Department claimed it responded to more than 100 fires, although it was unclear how many were related to fireworks.

A brush fire broke out next to an apartment complex in Mission Hills. In the meantime, in Covina, a number of trees caught fire. Investigators have been trying to determine if fireworks were to blame in both incidences.

If Governor Newsom or LA Mayor Eric Garcetti get involved, they’ll probably force the investigators to say it was.

In the end, LA had a collective massive July Fourth fireworks display, just happen to be conducted by hundreds of local citizens.

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