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Special Ed Teacher Choked 7-Year-Old For Refusing To Wear Mask

A 7-year-old boy refused to wear a mask after the state lifted the mandate and since then the boy has been harassed, restrained, and choked by a teacher. Teachers also stood by while he was being bullied by an older boy. Lowry Elementary School in Denver, Colorado called the boy’s father, Anthony Chavez, and told him to come to pick up his son, Chase. They told him that his son had to be restrained, but he was not told that his son had been choked.

Anthony Chavez said:

“Chase’s teacher began putting window screens around him and around his desk. I instructed Chase to kindly put the windows next to the trash and not allow himself to be separated. They were attempting to have him sit six feet away from the other children while they were in their ‘numbers corner.’ They made him walk in front of the other kids as they walked through the halls to art class. I found out and I said, ‘That is not going to happen anymore and put a stop to it.’”

“I sent them an email instructing them to stop going against my parental directive – my instructive was clear, ‘Do not try to incentivize or try to manipulate my son to wear a mask for any reason.’ But he continued to do it.”

Chase claimed Susan Rayburn, a Special Ed teacher, grabbed him and choked him as she carried him across the room.

Chase said:

“I couldn’t really breathe so I tried to stand up to have my neck breathe, but it was too hard. I tried to stop her, but I couldn’t.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Surveillance footage corroborates Chase’s account. In the footage, Rayburn grabs the boy, wraps his elbows around his neck and picks him up so that his feet are lifted from the ground and carries him in the chokehold across the school library in front of at least three other school administrators.

Neurologists have called for police to stop using restraint holds and neck restraints, warning the blockage of blood flow to the brain through two pressure points on the neck and compression of airflow through the windpipe can be deadly.

“The whole importance of the blood flow itself is that the blood is what’s carrying the oxygen, so if you’re not getting blood up to the brain, you’re not getting oxygen to the brain,” says Jillian Berkman, MD, “The end result could still be the same as when you’re choking someone. Both chokeholds and strangleholds have the potential to be deadly.”

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1 Comment

  1. Day of the rake

    May 7, 2022 at 10:56 am

    Lowry Elementary School in Denver, Colorado
    Susan Rayburn, a Special Ed teacher

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