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Soros-Funded DA George Gascón Says He’s ‘Not Sure’ If Los Angeles Is Safer Than When He Took Office

Will LA voters get rid of the man who won’t prosecute crimes?

On Friday, during an interview on NBC’s “NBC Nightly News,” LA County District Attorney George Soros Gascón divulged that he didn’t know if Los Angeles County was any safer today than it was when he first took office. He said that there is “a higher level of insecurity today” than what has been seen over the last 3 or 4 years, even though the county is safer than it was twenty or thirty years ago.

How can you gauge that when you don’t prosecute crime? The reason crime went up is that the DA’s office doesn’t prosecute certain crimes.

Gascón was funded by the infamous George Soros, the billionaire who wants to destroy America and mold it into a top down controlled environment under Agenda 21, The Great Reset, or whatever authoritarian scheme the Elders of Coo-coo land design.

Host Lester Holt asked Gascón, “Is Los Angeles County any less or more safe since you took office?”

Gascón replied, “It’s a complicated question, right? I’m not sure.” He added, “We’re safer than we were 20, 30 years ago.” And “If you’re looking at what has occurred maybe in the last three or four years, then it’s a higher level of insecurity today.”

That’s newspeak for I am lying with vagueness and I don’t want you to call me on it. When the evidence is so overwhelming, progressives put on an act to convince people that they get it and they think the same way. In this case, the evidence is so strong that Gascón is causing crime to rise that he says he’s not sure if what he’s done is working or not. That takes the heat off of him for people who think he’s doing it on purpose, which he is. He is not prosecuting certain crimes based on woke ideology. That, I believe, can be demonstrated.

The LA district attorney added, “Some of the more conservative counties here in California have higher per capita violence than we do, but you never see anybody blaming those prosecutors for the increase in violence.” That’s more than likely because the criminals know where to go for the loot.

Holt asked, “There’s a lot of perception that things are getting worse. If they don’t get better, is that all going to come — be laid at the feet of progressives and criminal justice reform efforts?”

Gascón answered, “I’m very fearful that that is happening already.”

In other words, the American people know what’s been going on. They’re not as stupid as progressives think. They can read newspapers and watch crime reports on the local news. They talk to people who have been victims of crime. It’s a shame that the people of Los Angeles fall for the lies that come from progressive candidates and get fooled into voting them into office.

And it’s not just Gascón. Californians were convinced in 2014, when Gavin Newsom was lt. Governor, to support California Proposition 47, which lowered shoplifting to a misdemeanor if the value of items stolen falls below $950. This led to a crime wave so bad that Walgreens, Target, and other stores are closing down because shoplifters are stealing so much merchandise that it affects the profits. That hurts the honest people in those neighborhoods. This is a case where a few bad people are causing problems for the entire community.

Gascón is speaking this way only because he is facing a recall campaign. ABC7 Los Angeles reported on Wednesday that the Gascón recall effort now has enough signatures to go on the ballot. Translation: The Democratic Party has to put the same machine in motion they did for Governor Gavin Newsom, who recently beat a recall by the state legislature changing how ballots could be cast, which guaranteed voter fraud.

The California legislature added a little-known loophole into the state’s election laws that will allow the Democrats to steal any election from this point on into the future. It’s called “Remote Accessible Vote By Mail” (RAVBM) and it allows the Secretary of State’s office to add as many ballots as it wants to the total at the end of the election to keep Newsom in the governor’s office, and they made it untraceable.

The Democratic Party has so corrupted our election process that the people are wary if their vote will ever count again.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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