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Some Experts Say the New Delta Variant Is Not As Bad As Lockdown Fantatics Believe

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Just as it seemed that the country was nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the draconian lockdowns, a new delta variant of the virus appeared.

First identified in India back in December 2020, the delta variant quickly became the dominant strain in many countries around the world.

US public health officials have already identified the delta variant as the most threatening strain moving around the US and is expected to become the dominant variant throughout the country.

Tyrants in favor of lockdowns, and forced wearing of masks, and social distancing are already spouting off that the delta variant is a reason to keep restrictions in place.

However, not all experts are in agreement over how much of a threat the new strain will be.

Some other countries have gone back to putting their healthy people into lockdowns, partially because of the delta variant. About 90 percent of infections in a new outbreak in Israel we are being told are due to the delta variant, and about half of those were full vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine.

But who can we trust since we now know that our own health “experts” lied to us throughout the whole COVID-19 pandemic? After such dishonesty we’re on our own.

Half the cases in Israel are with children under 16 with just five serious cases reported.

In Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, delta outbreaks have brought on new lockdowns or they’ve been extended.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, da fouch, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who recently got caught lying about funding the Wuhan lab through a third party EchoHealth Alliance, warned about the delta variant being highly contagious and used the message to tell more Americans to get vaccinated. Oddly enough, da fouch man said that the delta strain will more than likely not impact the CDC’s mask guidance.

Dr. Monica Gandi, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco said that though the delta variant is highly contagious, there isn’t any reason to be more concerned about it than the other strains.

“The delta variant doesn’t seem to cause more severe disease and vaccines are still effective against this variant,” Gandhi said. “It seems as if public health officials are trying to motivate vaccine uptake by discussing the delta variant in these terms.”

Actually, I believe some politicians are trying to come up with reasons to lock us down again, but they fear Joe Biden getting all the blame for everything that goes wrong the way they blamed Donald Trump. So they are in a real pickle.

In a recent interview with CNN, Fauci said that a low vaccination rate in some communities may lead to the creation of “two Americas” where the delta variant runs rampant through areas with lower immunity.

Most importantly, Gandhi says that the vaccines that are currently made available to Americans are effective against the delta strain. You have to wonder how hard the Biden administration will work to get her to walk that statement back.

“The vaccines are effective against the delta variant. There is a lot of data that antibodies, B cells and T cell responses still form against this variant,” she said.

“The delta variant is the most contagious version of the virus that is known to exist. By simple Darwinian principles, it will become dominant,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja a senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

“However, in the U.S. over three-quarters of those above the age of 65 — who comprise the highest rates of hospitalization and death — are fully vaccinated so delta cases will be decoupled from systemic hospital crisis.”

I guess that means seniors in New York nursing homes are safe from potential orders coming down by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“The big four vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and Astra-Zeneca) appear to be robust against this variant. Breakthrough infections with the delta variant have not been clinically significant,” Adalja added.

“Natural immunity will have some impact on delta, but it is undefined as of yet but likely makes severe disease less likely in those with prior infection.”

“For those individuals with prior infection who are reluctant to get vaccinated, even 1 dose of the 2 dose regimens will fortify their natural immunity,” he added.

Gandhi, though, doesn’t see a new wave coming. “This strain is leading to increased cases among the unvaccinated in countries with high rates of vaccination (UK, Israel, some parts of the US) but — given high rates of immunity in these countries — it will not cause a major surge,” she said. “There are also cases among the vaccinated but those are often asymptomatic or mild. In fact, cases are increasingly being ‘uncoupled’ from severe disease in light of increasing vaccination rates in these countries so cases have gone up in Israel and the UK without concomitant increases in hospitalizations or deaths.”

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