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Software ‘Glitch’ in Michigan County Sent 6,000 Trump Votes to Biden, 47 Other MI Counties Use Same Software [VIDEO]

A supposed glitch in the software that was used to count ballots in Antrim County, Michigan forced at least 6,000 Republican votes to be counted as Democrat, according to Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox.

In another life I am a senior programmer/analyst.  I can tell you that there’s a very slim chance of a “glitch” that would do that.  I can’t prove it without seeing the code, but I believe they hired the company that wrote the code to intermittently send the votes to the Democrat candidates.  I could write a program now that would keep a running tally of votes counted, and after a chosen percentage was counted, I could make the next 10 ballots cast go to whichever candidate I want, and then wait until the next percentage of ballots are cast.

During a press conference, Cox relayed that the error was first reported by a county clerk.   A quick analysis told them that 47 counties in Michigan may have also suffered from a similar glitch while using the same software, which may have had some red counties experience a higher number of Democrat votes than usual.

“Antrim County had to hand count all of the ballots, and these counties that use the software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies,” Cox said. “The people of Michigan deserve a transparent and open process.”


Michigan is a battleground state that is worth 16 Electoral points, and was called for Biden on Wednesday by many news outlets. This win surprised some because President Donald Trump won the state in 2016.  If you remember, Judge Andrew Napolitano reported then that during a recount it was discovered that there was a massive voter fraud operation going on in Detroit, and that the government appeared to be involved.

National GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also took made some comments during the press conference to bring some sunlight on election issues in Michigan, saying that 2,000 Republican ballots were marked as Democrat in Oakland County due to a “clerical error” which wrongly gave the race to the Democrat candidate.  Clerical error my fanny.

“The American people need to have confidence in our elections, right now we don’t have that because, across the country, Democrat officials are shutting down transparency, especially here in the state of Michigan,” she said. “Democrats are damaging the country in the process of a smooth transition of power by not allowing a transparent process.”

McDaniel also pointed out that Republican observers in different locations were denied their right to monitor the counting of ballots, that Wayne County alone has over “100 incident reports of irregularities,” and that a whistleblower came forward to confirm that some election workers were asked to illegally date certain ballots as received on or before election day.

“We need to pursue these irregularities and we need people to be patient and give us the time to investigate,” McDaniel said. “These are serious allegations of changing the date on balance and refusing to let people observe in a meaningful way an election of this magnitude.”

These new complaints of election fraud just add to the credibility of other reports that have been sent in of suspicious activity in Michigan concerning the 2020 election, things like election officials throwing Republican poll challengers out of counting rooms, or making them stand 30 to 100 feet away so that they can’t observe the postmarks of signatures on ballots, staffers filling out ballots and covering up windows with white boards to block observers from being able to observe from outside of the counting centers where they were just thrown out of.

Michigan is not the only key state to report such things.  In Philadelphia an observer was denied entrance to the building even though he showed his credentials.  The GOP got a court order that told them they had to let observers in and the Philly supervisors of the counting center ignored it and pretty much said tough cookies.

“We have confirmed evidence that Democratic election officials have violated state law,” said former Kansas attorney general Phill Kline who now serves as an attorney for the nonprofit Amistad Project.

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