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Socialist Group in Philadelphia Uses Police Scanner to Help Rioters After Police Shooting [VIDEO]

Rioters angered over alleged police brutality took to the streets in Philadelphia Monday night leading into Tuesday morning. This began hours after police shot and killed a West Philadelphia man who had a knife Monday afternoon.  Officers shot the man after he continued to walk toward them near 61st and Locust Streets, and refusing their orders to drop the knife.  Why do some people think it’s perfectly okay to go after a police officer with a weapon in their hand, and yet, the same folks think it’s not okay for the officers to defend themselves?  It’s an exercise in cognitive dissonance that turns deadly when it didn’t have to.

The man shot and killed by police was identified as 27-year-old Walter Wallace, Jr. His killing led to a night of protests and riots in the West Philadelphia section of the city.


(WARNING: No Children – Graphic Violence – No children – A lot of foul language. – No children.)

On Monday evening, a group of about 300 people marched through the streets of West Philly to protest the killing of Wallace Jr.  The subsequently turned violent.

Thirty officers were injured during the night, including a 56-year-old female officer who was hit by a car at 52nd and Walnut Streets.  According to police, she has suffered a broken leg.

The Philadelphia riots seem to have been highly organized with police scanner information being shared by left-wing groups, including one known as the Philly Socialists.

“Community call for protest at 7pm, Malcolm X Park,” the group tweeted Monday night after news began to spread about the deadly police shooting of Walter Wallace after he refused to drop a knife while advancing on police.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, dozens of people answered the call, gathering at the park chanting “black lives matter” before marching on a police precinct.

Hundreds ultimately gathered in West Philly, looting, setting police vehicles on fire and attacking cops, leaving no less than 30 injured, with Philly Socialists following almost every move online.

The  “base-building socialist organization” spent hours until early Tuesday updating protesters on where police were.  They admitted they were using police scanners.

The group additionally called for “bodies needed” by “comrades” at some areas where there were clashes with police officers.

They encouraged protesters from time to time by repeating police communications that they “exhausted the resources that they have.”

Utilizing the hashtag #OTGWestPhilly, the group also shared data with another organized group, so-called “Revolutionary Intercommunalism” members of The Black and Brown Coalition of PHL.  They need a shorter name.

Additionally they shared police movements, including a suspected undercover car, as well as areas where arrests were being made.

MARCHERS ARE ASKING FOR MORE PEOPLE,” the group tweeted at one point, additionally warning, “PHILLY PD WE ARE WATCHING YOU.”

Something tells me if they were Trump supporters Twitter would have shut them down almost immediately, but then again, Trump supporters would never attack police.

Meanwhile, others used scanner data to warn looters. “Philly Scanner: If you’re in the Rite-Aid right now, they’re WATCHING YOU, looking to secure front & rear,” one person warned on Twitter using the other groups’ hashtag to spread it.

On top of organizing rioters and looters, many on the streets started threatening journalists, including trashing an ABC News van that refused to stop filming.

“I watched protestors charge at 3 separate cameramen – press was told to stand back & stay away all night The most hostile is ever seen it towards media, myself included,” podcaster Jason Peters said.  Once they start going after people, they’re no longer protesters.

The groups additionally helped organize legal support and bail for anyone arrested during the riots.

“Comrades, If you are arrested, tell the cops NOTHING. Don’t talk about the action or your politics with anyone, stay in solidarity, and ask for your lawyer (up against the law),” The Black and Brown Coalition of PHL tweeted.

The Black and Brown Coalition of PHL said it is “highly inaccurate” to say that they organized the protest.

“We did not organize a thing. We amplified the voices of a concerned public and we will continue to do just that,” the group said.

It’s a shame the public was not concerned about a man holding a knife walking toward cops.

“Also, do humanity a favor and learn what ANTIFA stands for,” the group wrote in response to someone who wrote, “remember Antifa is ‘just an idea,’ according to Joe Biden.”

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