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Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Says She ‘Hated’ The Megan Raoinoe ‘Culture’ Of The USWNT By The End Of Her Career

American soccer star Carli Lloyd recently had some brutal comments on the last few years playing on the USWNT. The American women has become the most dominant women’s team in the world, yet, Lloyd said that she hated the culture surrounding the team, emanating from Megan Rapinoe. In a discussion with former soccer star Hope Slo, no relation to Hans, the two discussed the politicization of women’s soccer and the poisoning influence of Rapinoe.

Sports may be a job, but it is also supposed to be fun and many on the women’s team found that fun was a rapidly declining feature. Lloyd said that Rapinoe bullied many of her teammates into taking a knee for the national anthem. Now that Lloyd has retired, she has decided to speak out and her words are loud and clear to anyone willing to listen to them. Both, Lloyd and Solo spoke of their hatred of what was going on within the team for the past few years. They related that there were were “social” and “political” games being played.

It’s worth noting that Solo previously said that Rapinoe would essentially bully people into kneeling during the anthem.

From The Daily Caller

I hope like hell more and more former USWNT players come out with blunt opinions of the situation of the team.

Spill the tea as the youth say!

There was a time when the USWNT was one of the most hyped teams in the country. People loved watching the women representing the red, white and blue dominate teams around the world.

Then, the team pivoted to nonstop protests, became super political and fans threw in the towel on them. Now, it sounds like there were people in the locker room who felt the same way!

It just goes to show that whenever you go woke, things turn to garbage.

The women’s team did take one positive step this year. Rapinoe was not placed on the team, which will greatly improve their image. People who have no respect for this country should have no place on its sports teams.

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