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SLEEPY JOE BIDEN GETS CAUGHT!…. “Who Am I Supposed to Go to Next?…”

It is not uncommon for public speakers, especially in front of larger crowds, to spend more time on show prep adding a teleprompter to the presentation. With these extra steps and involvement from members of your group, things should go smoothly as they simply need to read the speech in front of them.

Where this planning doesn’t always manifest it’s self in a flawless outcome, is when your speaker has cognitive decline and has trouble remaining in the moment. For former VP Biden, these events, online or in-person, have exposed the over secreting his handers are using to keep the aging politicians on course. The campaign doesn’t want their supporters to understand the breadth of control, almost like a puppet in strings, they are doing for the former Vice-President.

From Gateway Pundit

Despite all of the pre-planning to prove Joe is still a viable candidate, Old Joe let the cat out of the bag.

During questions and answers Joe Biden thought out loud, “Let’s see. Who am I supposed to go to next?…”

Biden revealed the entire show was staged.
It was all pre-planned and likely rehearsed!

Joe Biden had a rally with far left media lackeys on Tuesday.
The media event was held in Wilmington, Delaware.

The media was polite, respectful, never interrupted, and asked their pre-planned questions.
Just like they treat President Trump, right?


Unlike any other election cycle, Joe Biden is the Democratic Presidential nominee, and unless he becomes completely incapacitated, will have to debate President Trump. Oh wait, the puppet masters might be able to pull some strings with the media, and excuse Joe from the debates due to the “virus” resurgence. Shameful anyway you slice it, but welcome to the new Democratic Socialist Party of America. The ends justify the means, what that entails doesn’t matter.

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