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SJW Parents Confusing, Scaring & Traumatizing Their Children

From the beginning of world history, parenting has played a crucial role in the development of their children’s character, confidence & education. Children learn about family, love, hate, pain, etc., from the adults they spend their formative years with. We have gone from loving our children, helping them find their passions, and help equip them for successful lives too, as some are admitting, infusing SJW ideology into their young lives. In addition, basic biological norms, such as boy & girl, equality of people, and cultural expectations of law & order are out the window in these dysfunctional homes.

Until the past few decades, there has been a consensus in our communities on healthy child-rearing.  James Dobson, the renounced child psychologist wrote, “Children are not casual guests in our home. They have been loaned to us temporarily for the purpose of loving them and instilling a foundation of values on which their future lives will be built.” This worked great until God was “omitted” or marginalized in these homes leaving truth & life’s realities to be taught from the parent’s world views & humanistic causes.

As someone who has friends of different races, served in the military with men & women of various races & backgrounds and has traveled to 13 countries, it is obvious the small number of these parents, who are raising mini SJW children, live in small progressive bubbles leaving them ignorant of the world as a whole.

Statistically, the policemen/women have served honorably in the USA, garnering the love & respect of all communities. Until recently, even with the unfortunate and very rare cases of corrupt officers; books, movies & real-life experiences elevated the police as the protection of the population from criminals, etc., in our communities.

As we are learning from the current Soros funded riots, some parents have promoted the idea of universal police bigotry towards the black community. Here is a heartfelt moment when a white police officer sees a terrified black child and stoops to comfort her.

The true feminist movement started to fight for equality of treatment & opportunity between men & women. The SJW feminist have now pushed, and weak progressive men, like Ashton Kutcher, have acquiesced, demanding their boys concede their opportunities and in some homes, white children to pass on opportunities they earn, in order to publicly show their virtue signaling by reducing their life experiences in the name of “life reparations.

In some communities, children are sexually exploited by deviant human beings and who typically be shunned by their communities as protection for their families. In the SJW Godless movement, sexuality is an open game and some parents are encouraging their small children, some as young as 3, to pursue transgenderism/homosexuality because they “liked a doll or outfit” which was opposite the norm for their gender. Making the situation more prevalent is the praise the parents receive from others promoting these lifestyles. Many adults, who were steered into these lifestyles by their parents, have come out with frustrating stories of how they felt like were used by their parents as a pet, when going to their LGBTQ events.

Who is Desmond’s mother? Onw who made a lot of money from her son’s gender dysphoria.

From an article:

“While he’s only 10, Desmond already has a strong grasp of his queerness. He and his mother, Wendylou Napoles, were happy to talk about Desmond’s coming out as gay at such an early age and were comfortable openly exploring his identity with us. The pair also discussed the amazing drag community they’ve found through Instagram, what it’s like to be so fabulous in grade school, first crushes, and how much of a “big loser” President Trump is.”

Here is a video, of her 10-year-old son, dancing at a “gay” strip bar with grown men throwing money for the boys provocative dancing.

Here is mom taking the confused young boy to a  “PRIDE” event.

It is crucial for traditional America to install traditional values in their homes, for us to stop supporting businesses who promote the above-mentioned biases & perversions, and again teach the simple truths of America, guaranteed rights to pursue dreams with no guarantee you will accomplish them. The pursuit provides a purpose and the occasional failures, character.

By: Erie Thompson

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