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Siri says Kamala Harris is the President…?

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw someone say to ask Siri how old the president was and to just wait for it. Usually, that means something interesting is about to happen. 

And boy was I right.

Take a second and ask Siri what age the president is. Don’t say anything about Biden, Harris, Trump, or Pence. Simply say, “Hey Siri, how old is the president?”

The answer I got was “Kamala Harris is 56 years, 19 days old.” If this doesn’t scare you, it should. Greatly.

Conservatives know that Kamala Harris is the one who’s really going to be running the country if Democrats take office. And to be honest, I think liberals know too, though they may not admit it. Joe Biden isn’t going to be the leader of this country and even Siri knows it. 

If I were Joe Biden, I wouldn’t be celebrating, I would be scared for my life. The same party that claims Hillary Clinton, someone who has a track record of making people disappear or die, is the same party that backs Biden and Harris. So if Joe Biden doesn’t live to make it through all four years of office should he actually move into the White House in January, I think we’ll all know why. 

When scrolling through social media ever since Biden was declared the winner of the election (very prematurely, I might add) I have seen barely any posts celebrating Biden’s victory. I have hardly seen any posts congratulating Biden on his win.

What I have seen, however, is plenty of posts supporting and congratulating Kamala Harris. Women all over the country are celebrating that a female is taking the Vice Presidency seat. Of course, the fact that she’s African American (Or is she? It’s changed so much who knows?) is taking it a step further. She’s being praised on her win simply because she’s a black woman.

While there is no doubt that she has made history, it is quite possible it hasn’t been done legally, and gender or skin color should not be the reason that we support a candidate. We should support candidates based on their views, the values they hold, and what they’ll do if elected.

Skin color and gender should have no effect on who we vote for at all.

We’ve seen daily how social media has been monitoring accounts that support Trump. Little flags and messages pop up on any post even remotely political. Trump supporters have gotten blocked, Facebook jailed, and banned on social media, while Biden supporters aren’t touched. 

So it really should be no surprise that our cell phones are telling us that Kamala Harris is the president. But it should be cause for even more concern. If you were worried about censorship in this country, or where America will go under a “Biden”/Harris presidency, you should be on high alert now.

They may be called smartphones, but they are programmed and created by people. Our phones aren’t just independently smart- they take the information they tell us using Siri from what they read and how they’re programmed.

Siri telling us Kamala Harris is the president is the act of a person, or multiple people, slowly working to brainwash Americans into believing Democratic propaganda.

Be careful what you say and search. They are listening, they are watching, and they are spreading lies at every turn.

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