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Since the Media Won’t Tell You, Here’s What’s Really In The Texas Election Integrity Bill That Democrats Are Lying About

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

This week, cowardly Texas state Democrats ran away from their jobs by leaving their legislature session and flying like snakes on a plane to Washington, DC in a political stunt designed to stop the business of the Texas legislature from voting on a set of election integrity bills, one in the (Texas House) and one in the (Texas Senate), that the Republican-controlled legislature was putting up for a vote.

The Sissies of D’s portrayed the bills as voter suppression that are an attack on voting rights when the simple truth is the bills are nothing more than a moderate reform of the state’s voting laws that enhance voting in The Lone Star State.

State Representative John Bucy III spoke the usual Democrat lie that the Republicans in Texas are attempting to “make it harder for the people of Texas to vote.” Another Sissy D, state Representative Diego Bernal, said that the Republican election integrity bill is “an attempt to rig the system.” So he ran away to DC where Democrats in Congress are trying to pass the “For the People Act” that will rig the entire country’s election system by having the federal government force federal election laws on all the states ensuring that Democrats never lose another election. These people have no soul.

State Representative Trey Martinez Fischerx said that the gaggle of cowards ran away from Texas to “stand for democracy.” Can you believe this idiot? He’s saying that the Texas Democrats acted to block democracy in Texas to save democracy. Forget the fact that we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional republic.

There are three people and two of them just voted that they get to keep everything the third guy has and they can beat him to a pulp while they’re at it. That’s a democracy.

The Democrats also said they went to DC to help fight for ending the filibuster in the US Senate, which would be another stunt to rig the system in favor of the Democrats. So they did a filibuster in Texas, illegally by the way, to help end the filibuster in the DC Senate. Only a Democrat could do that with a straight face.

Like everything the Democrats trash, the Texas gaggle forgot to mention any of the details of what is in the bill that they think will make it harder for Texans to vote or what part of the bill rigs the system. That’s because there isn’t anything of the sort in the bill.

Folks, what’s going on here is no different from any other time Democrats argue against voter integrity laws. They know that if the opportunity to cheat is blocked by election integrity laws, they are in deep trouble because they will lose elections across the country. For years Democrats have argued that voter fraud is so rare it never affects election results. The 2020 election audits in multiple battleground states is proving right now that’s a lie. Voter fraud from Democrats is rampant in many if not all states. There are many flavors of voter fraud and the election integrity laws are shutting them down one by one, and the Democrats are panicking.

So, what’s in the bill?

Texas voters who want to vote by mail will be required to include their driver’s license # on the application to receive a mail-in ballot. If they don’t have a license, they can enter the last four digits of their social security number. This shuts down the Democrat racist lie that black people are too stupid to know how to get a driver’s license, because if you are an American citizen you have a social security number.

The bill also makes it difficult for county election workers to kick poll watchers out of polling places and it increases the poll watchers’ access to observe most areas of a voting location. Millions of Americans watched YouTube videos of Republican poll watchers being kicked out of polling centers, and in some cases they were blocked from even being able to see what was going on during vote counting. Some were told they had to stand back at distances that someone with perfect vision wouldn’t be able to see what was going on with ballots.

Democrats in states across the country sent out mail-in ballots to millions of voters whether they asked for one or not. That was a tactic to cheat. It was suspected that many of those ballots either never made it to the voters and were used by Democrat operatives to vote for who they wanted, and many others mailed to people who either moved or died and said operatives captured those ballots as well. This is believed to have gone on in states for years. To remedy this, the bill makes it illegal for public officials to send out mail-in ballots to voters without their request.

Texas Democrat weasel Michelle Beckley who also ran away to Washington to avoid being arrested for leaving the legislature session, said in a statement that the law was filled with “vote suppressing provisions.”

“Both versions of the bill impose restrictions on expanded early voting hours, threaten election officials with criminal charges for removing disruptive partisan poll watchers, and even allow partisan poll watchers to threaten election workers with frivolous litigation,” she argued.

Translation: “We want to cheat and the meanie Republicans are taking that away from us. Where are my talking points!?”

“These bills unnecessarily make it harder to vote by mail by requiring voters to provide sensitive personal information and increasing the technical requirements for both voters and election workers when dealing with vote-by-mail ballots.”

Shame for the cheaters that the US Supreme Court tends to believe that election integrity laws like the one being proposedby Texas Republicans do not place an undue burden on voters.

Beckley also argued that the bill makes it “easier to prosecute people who assist mail and in-person voters through increasing the technical requirements that they must comply with and removing any defense to prosecution,” a reference to new paperwork requirements for individuals assisting others in casting a ballot.

The simple truth is Republicans want to end the practice of ballot harvesting and related activities.

You know the Democrat argument is a cheap political stunt when the majority of media coverage doesn’t report on the real contents of the bill for their viewers to make up their own minds. They can’t because there is nothing like what the Democrats are claiming in the bill. They just report the Texas legislation as a “Republican restrictive voting bill” or some other such nonsense. So now you know the truth.

Again, here are the links to the Texas bills that you can read for yourself. (Texas House) and one in the (Texas Senate)

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