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Significant Majority in Poll Believe U.S. Recession Likely in the Next 12 Months

75% of the people polled believe we will be in a recession within 12 months. 33% believe strongly that we will be in a recession and 42% believe somewhat that we will be in a recession.

Democrats will blame Trump and unvaccinated people. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all believe the recession is coming. Democrats are entering a year of a midterm election facing a possible wipeout due to the failed presidency of Joe Biden.

81% of Republicans believe a recession is coming, 70% of Democrats agree, and 74% of Independents believe the Biden recession is coming. The worst part for the Democrats is that they have no hope of turning things around.

Even if they depose of the unpopular Biden, they would be stuck with the more unpopular Kamala Harris. 2024 is also bleak as they have no one who can make a credible run for the Oval Office. They are all either too old or too incompetent.

Democrats currently hold both houses of Congress, but they are expected to lose them both in 2022. They will lose the White House in 2024 and then the fun begins in 2025 as the Republicans play payback to the Democrats. Don’t be surprised if Biden gets impeached in 2023.

The thing Democrats never learn is no matter how vile they are, eventually, Republicans will take power eventually. You could be seeing a lot of reconciliation bills making their way through Congress.

From The Blaze

The view that a recession is likely on the horizon is held by a strong majority of Republicans, Democrats, and independents, according to the outlet, which reported that the poll involved registered voters and was conducted online Nov. 18-19.

The poll results indicate that many registered voters have a gloomy outlook on the future of the nation’s economy, a sentiment which, if it persists, could spell disaster for Democrats during the 2022 midterm elections.

President Biden has been underwater in various job approval polls, and Americans have been facing soaring fuel prices, supply chain woes, and rising inflation.

Earlier this month the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported significant increases in the consumer price index.

“The all items index rose 6.2 percent for the 12 months ending October, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending November 1990,” BLS noted.

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