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Sidney Powell’s Georgia Lawsuit: Witnesses Testify; Different Paper For ‘Counterfeit’ Ballots, No Vote Ballots Given To Biden And MUCH MORE!

Wow, we waited for it, and now that the “Kraken” has hit Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada things are getting very interesting, very quickly.

Attorney Sidney Powell filed a 104-page lawsuit in Georgia alleging massive voter fraud in the 2020 election. As I read through the pages and reviewed the exhibits, her confidence and direct accusations of elected officials and appointees, are warranted.

Powell’s lawsuit contained allegations of numerous irregularities, anomalies, old fashioned “ballot stuffing,” violations of Georgia’s Election Code, unlawful audit procedures, and use of voting machines to manipulate votes.

The filing comes after weeks of Sidney telling the public that the number of leads and information flowing into her office was like a firehose. For those seeking the truth about the elections, expectations grew but also the demand for quick legal actions. For many, from both parties, as the lawsuits were not filed they started to believe it was all hyperbole and quickly turned against her.

Well this same group now has to eat crow as the filings are here, and if true explosive.

In her Georgia filling, an impressive number of witnesses testified they saw all kinds of shenanigans including ballots marked for President Trump being put into Joe Biden piles and pre-printed “pristine” ballots that went 100% for Joe Biden.

Another affiant testified they saw “counterfeit” ballots with darker colored watermarks that went 100% to Joe Biden.

When the Elections Director was alerted to the counterfeit ballots they brushed off concerns and said the watermarks were darker because of the use of different printers.

Via Gateway Pundit

On page 35 of Sidney Powell’s filing, the affiant testified about “the use of different paper for ballots, that would constitute fraud stating”:

I noticed that almost all of the ballots I reviewed were for Biden. Many batches went 100% for Biden. I also observed that the watermark on at least 3 ballots were solid gray instead of transparent, leading me to believe the ballot was counterfeit. I challenged this and the Elections Director said it was a legitimate ballot and was due to the use of different printers. Many ballots had markings for Biden only, and no markings on the rest of the ballot.

Another affiant (same witness who gave sworn statement in Wood v. Raffensperger) explained she observed batches of pristine ballots with different texture paper with machine-stamped bubbles that went 98% for Joe Biden:

Most of the ballots had already been handled; they had been written on by people, and the edges were worn. They showed obvious use. However, one batch stood out. It was pristine. There was a difference in the texture of the paper – it was if they were intended for absentee use but had not been used for that purposes. There was a difference in the feel.

These different ballots included a slight depressed pre-fold so they could be easily folded and unfolded for use in the scanning machines. There were no markings on the ballots to show where they had com~ from, or where they had been processed. These stood out.

In my 20 years of experience of handling ballots, I observed that the markings for the candidates on these ballots were unusually uniform, perhaps even with a ballot-marking device. By my estimate in observing these ballots, approximately 98% constituted votes for Joe Biden. I only observed two of these ballots as votes for President Donald J. Trump.”

At the end of Powell’s lawsuit, she laid out a long list of actions she wanted to be taken in order to stop the certification of this fraudulent election. She starts with reversing the recent certification of the election, and ends with

For these reasons, Plaintiff asks this Court to enter a judgment in
their favor and provide the following emergency relief:

  1. An order directing Governor Kemp, Secretary Raffensperger and the
    Georgia State Board of Elections to de-certify the election results;
  2. An order enjoining Governor Kemp from transmitting the currently
    certified election results to the Electoral College;
  3. An order requiring Governor Kemp to transmit certified election
    results that state that President Donald Trump is the winner of the

And ends her list of remedies with the following.

  1. A permanent injunction prohibiting the Governor and Secretary
    of State from transmitting the currently certified results to the
    Electoral College based on the overwhelming evidence of election
  2. Immediate production of 36 hours of security camera recording of
    all rooms used in the voting process at State Farm Arena in Fulton
    County, GA from 12:00am to 3:00am until 6:00pm on November 3.
  3. Plaintiffs further request the Court grant such other relief as is
    just and proper, including but not limited to, the costs of this action
    and their reasonable attorney fees and expenses pursuant to 42
    U.S.C. 1988.
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