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Showdown! RINO GOP Leader Says He Will NOT ALLOW Rudy Giuliani To Testify At Hearing On Election Fraud Tuesday.

Unlike the GOP leaders in the state legislatures in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, The Chairman of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Ed McBroom says he will not allow President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani to testify on Tuesday.

Grassroots Republicans are working feverishly organizing a hearing Tuesday inside the Binsfeld Office Building in Lansing, Michigan.

The hearing will focus on the massive fraud witnessed by dozens of Republican observers on November 3rd and 4th at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Most of the testimony will focus on the Detroit absentee ballot counting at the TCF plus overvotes in precincts throughout Wayne County. An overvote occurs when there are more votes cast than registered voters, impossible but happened all over the county.

Only in-person or written testimony will be accepted.

Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom (R- Vulcan) was quoted by liberal Jonathan Oosting:

An hour later McBroom softened a little, but he kept the caveat that someone from the Trump team could speak, but only if they had first hand knowledge and for 3 minutes.

I expect Rudy to show up and regardless of where he has to set up, the truth will get out. In the America I grew up in, and hopefully tomorrow, Giuliani will present his case, via the witnesses and other affidavits, sitting in front of the committee.

We never want to shy away from seeking the truth, even if a few people have a virus, with a 99.98 percent survival rate, in the community.

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