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Attacking Trump

Shocking: Emergency Hearing in GA Compels Secretary Raffensperger to Testify, he and Personal Lawyer Deflect Responsibility-VIDEO

Brad Raffensperger Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State called the 2020 Presidential Election “the most secure election in Georgia history” however President Donald J. Trump pointed out that the Georgia state Republicans, including Governor Brian Kemp were preventing election transparency.

Wednesday, Georgia State Legislators called for an emergency hearing based on the concerns of Georgia citizens over what they see is the lack of transparency over the entire election process.

Raffensperger at the hearing said, “People want to know what is going to be différent if there were issues that we can have more assurance of for the upcoming elections,” he said deflecting, and then when asked a question how he would answer his own question, Raffensperger refused to answer what he is planning on doing, deferring to his lawyer who refused to answer.


Reactions to the hearing were not encouraging.

Trump tweeted during the hearing:

Trump was not alone. “Republican cowardice on display,” John Preston wrote in reaction to the hearing.

One viewer wrote, “They stand behind the fraud calling everyone who claims fraud crazy -Excuse after excuse Very Disappointing! Waste of Time.”

Another reaction from a Georgia voter was, ” Raffensperger is diverting election integrity hearing to claims about the machines. We only want an honest audit of signatures with watchers.” Echoing the claims of many voter activists that they are angry that there Republican poll watchers were taken out of the process of ballot counting in Georgia, in a corrupt power grab and is highly suspicious.

Chairman of GA Republican Party, David Shafer wrote prior to the Wednesday hearing:

The State Executive Committee of @GaRepublicans tonight passed an emergency resolution demanding that @GaSecofState begin the absentee ballot signature verification audit in Fulton County, which is already under a consent order for “bad management” of absentee balloting.”

Gabriel Sterling who is the Voting System Implementation Manager for Georgia posted about his challenge in Fulton County Georgia:

Tricia Flanagan reported that Raffensperger would not answer any questions.

The Epoch Times reported that Raffensberger was making excuses that people were just too busy to take care of the elections.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office said election officials in the state are “overwhelmed” by three “parallel elections.”

“Asking county elections officials to hold no-excuse absentee ballot voting in addition to three weeks of early, in-person voting, and election day voting is too much to manage,” said Raffensperger in a news release on Wednesday. “The way Georgia’s election system is set up under law, county elections officials are essentially required to run three elections simultaneously, one each for a population that wants to vote a different way. “

Raffensberger said that in light of the CCP virus pandemic, “we need to reform our absentee ballot system.”

Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones reacted to the hearing saying Raffensberger needs to be replaced:
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