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‘She’s Giggling!’: GOP Lawmaker Rips Harris After She Was Supposed To Address Causes Of Migration

The US House Oversight Committee held a hearing Monday on the federal response to the opioid crisis…

The US House Oversight Committee held a hearing Monday on the federal response to the opioid crisis and during the hearing Congressman Ralph Norman, totally slammed the Biden administration’s handling of the Southern border and claimed, “the cartels are winning border”.

Security continues to be a hot-button issue between Democrats and Republicans heading into the midterms and the South Carolina lawmaker asked Dr. Gupta, the director of The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, some blistering questions recalling that Vice President Kamala Harris has been giggling- instead of visiting the Southern Border to fix the problems.

Gupta said that Biden, “is doing a great job of protecting the Border” igniting Norman. Listen in for Dr. Gupta’s response.

Norman: Doctorthank you for taking the time to come. Now, I was listening to your opening words. You said that the Biden administration had a top priority for protecting Americans and protecting the Border. And you said that he is doing a great job. Did you say that? I mean am I right? He’s doing a great job of protecting the Border.

Gupta: Thank you for asking that question. We believe strongly that it is an important part of every nation to be able to secure and protect this quarter. There are a number of things that are going on in this area of counter-narcotics that I think is important to note. As I visit, I speak to women and men on the border.

Norman interrupted and said: I know doc. I mean, I’ve got a limited amount of times. You see, taking the steps to protect the vote to close the form. Is that what I understand you to me. Honks the thank you again and the president is certainly taking steps to make sure that our border remains secured part of images. Okay, done? Okay, this is two different universes. If you’re saying that the numbers are real, you agree with the numbers of illegals coming across, we’re going, we’re going to average 585 thousand a month. We’re up to.

This past year there were 50 people on the terrorist watchlist who were let in. How could you sit there and say that this Administration has a goal of protecting Americans? I’m in the construction business, we had a leak, one of our projects, you stop the leak in the pipe. We A dam that had a leak in the dam for the quarter, he stopped the league. I mean really this is a mischaracterization at best but you can say this Administration, either the numbers are completely false. We’re getting an unprecedented number of people coming across. We already got three to five million illegals in this country. So I guess we don’t want words and we don’t want hearings, we won’t match.

How many times has the Vice President been to assess the border that you know up? She was supposed to be in charge but she is seen giggling. She’s laughing about it. How many times has your Staffing been there?

Gupta said: Again, In my first week in office, I actually went to our Southwest border and I went to Mexico, recently last month, I went to the San Isidro Border in San Diego. The first one is now Paso. I was able to spend a considerable amount of time, and I would say that as the ranking member mentioned since last year, beginning with every handed 600,000 pounds of illicit drugs, including
Thousand pounds of fentanyl.

Norman said: That is because they are crossing uninhibited and that’s why are the cartels are winning. They’re making a billion dollars a month and that their unfettered coming into this country. I’m saying the blood is on your hands and on this Administration for what Joe Biden is doing, there are police officers are sick and tired of the danger. The drugs on the streets today in South Carolina because of yes, in action. And no, I tell you. Things that are going to be hard to walk back because this Administration will not take ownership, and to start touting things he’s done, that he’s opened up this country. Our sovereignty is at stake and he’s we’re losing and I, it astounds me that you can say, I know you part of the administration, but it astounds me, you’re making these statements because it’s just not true with the open borders that he is allowing to happen.

We are in danger, everybody in America.

Gupta: But that I can complete my response. But I was saying, is that, that amount of drugs is not in our communities, killing Americans. Right now, the proceeds up to 16 billion dollars. That’s been denied, and we’re denying those to the transnational, criminal organizations that are often used for Crime for corruption and other events, the host countries that are often be stabilized, fragile democracy, and become the cost of migration, the first place. So I’m proud


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Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Cultural Marxism, grassroots activism, music, IndyCar racing and political campaigns.  @Saorsa1776

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