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California Politics

Sexual Assault Section and Other Divisions Slashed From LAPD Following Budget Cuts

The Los Angeles Police Department announced last week that they would be eliminating several special investigative sections, including their sexual assault section.

The announcement was made last week through a memo sent to department personnel written by deputy chief of staff to Chief Moore, Dominic Choi.

“A City of Los Angeles fiscal emergency has created an unexpected Department budgetary crisis and shortfall,” reads the memo. “As a result, the Chief of Police is making significant changes to adapt to the current financial and personnel shortages.”

Among the sections being disbanded include the Safer Cities Initiative (dealing specifically with Skid Row homeless encampments), Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement, Burglary Special Section and Cargo Auto Theft Detail, and the Animal Cruelty Task Force.

The Sexual Assault Section is the same unit that conducted investigations into Harvey Weinstein and George Tyndall.

Personnel will be reassigned “into patrol and patrol-related duties” so as to cover current shortages.

The LAPD will also see the downsizing of several other details and divisions.

The Los Angeles City Council voted in June to cut $150 million from the $1.8 billion LAPD budget.

In a vote of 12-2, the City Council redirected $90 million to programs serving marginalized communities, $10 million toward youth employment and workforce development summer programs, and $50 million toward reducing city worker furloughs.

According to LAist, “The cuts are estimated to take the LAPD from 10,009 officers today to about 9,757 by this time next year, the fewest in over a decade.”

The department has also announced a reduction in civilian employees, that office hours will be cut, and Chief Moore has suggested that some jails may need to be closed.

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