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Sex Ed: They ARE Coming For Your Kids, Left Leaning Activist Warns Parents

‘Pedophiles want access to our kids’, is the topic of a well-document video by Neil Kiernan, host of V-RADIO. Kiernan describes himself as a “Left-leaning Independent political activist with Green Party sympathies,” and his warning to the public about Sex Ed instructor, Heather Corinna, he says is his “most important work”.

“I need to get this warning out there!” Kiernan said in the video about Corinna’s Sex Ed ideas.

Kiernan does a good job of citing hidden evidence that proves at least one radical activist teacher, Corinna, has in fact set out to institutionalize her personal beliefs about things like ‘age of consent” for sexual contact with children, quietly working to lower the age, so adults and children can have more sexual contact.

Most of Kiernan’s video is centered around an article by Corinna, he found in the wayback machine titled: Rage of Consent How Our Love/Hate Relationship with Youth Sexuality and Abuse Hysteria Is Endangering Our Culture.

The article is quite shocking and surprisingly candid about taboo topics.

Age of consent is something that concerns parents who fear that their children are being eyed as sexual beings far before they are ready for such things and by people who call themselves educators.

Their nightmares are about to come true.

Kiernan calls such educators- pushing for lowering the age of consent-  ‘Pedophiles’ and he points out that proponents of pedophilia say it is only society’s stigma against child-adult sexual contact that causes emotional damage to a child, who has been used for sex, and that line of reasoning has been exposed by Kiernan in the following video:

Paul Rossi, a Math teacher, journalist, and advisor, posted the Kiernan video recently on Twitter with the label of ‘Must watch’ seeming to agree with Kiernan who says this information must get to American parents:

Reading the shocking ideas , Kiernan said, “these are words of an educator, it is important to remember that.” adding, “She has been identified as a Kindergarten teacher. She wants us to normalize children and adults having sex.”

Corinna is an author, educator, activist and Scarleteen founder- which is a platform to promote ‘Queer Sex Ed”.

According to her Wikipedia Bio:
“Heather Corinna is an author, activist, and Internet publisher with a focus on progressive, affirming sexuality. Corinna is a self-described “queer, rabblerousing, polymath.” Corinna has advocated for accepting the diverse forms of a sexual experience and avoiding “expertitis” .

Kiernan said in the video:

 The number of pedophiles that are being arrested is rising, who are educators and in particular, the ones who have been known to be advocates for the LGBTA kids in their schools. And while them being pedophiles alone was important, it was also important to note how many of them were also advocating for more LGBTQ curricula in schools may be introduced at younger and younger ages.

A substitute teacher in Hawaii was recently arrested and admitted to having sex with a 13 year, old boy was one of his students. He was recording these activities and sharing them with other pedophile teachers, where you can see he’s making a prevalent argument specifically to suggest that basic sex ed is not in any way grooming.

A pedophile teacher also made more arguments suggesting that if you want people to be ignorant about sex, it’s because you’re a pedophile. That’s a prevalent suggestion that somehow Conservatives are projecting and that the real problem is that Conservatives are the pedophiles, you know?

There is an article titled Sex, education can stop abuse by Heather Corinna, who is is an open advocate for sex education, and she helps design sex education, curriculums and schools. And in this article, she gives all the same arguments that we will protect children by giving them knowledge about consent and their own bodies. 

Suffice it to say, when you dig deeper, you find out that Heather Corinna, just like many of these other advocates for this particular type of sexual education, has nefarious intentions. One of them reminds us that quote minor-attracted adults of every attraction have existed throughout human history, just like homosexuals and Inter-gendered individuals and like the latter to the former were highly regarded in a sex positive and more socially enlightened societies in the past.

And also to the suggestion that being minor attracted is just like being homosexual or enter gendered anyway, it was not considered horrible or inappropriate that the great concern for these youths. On the part of, adults had a sexual element in it, in societies that respected youths as intelligent and articulate. Human beings who did not see sexuality as a negative thing or youths or anyone else and who considered the sexual experiences of Youth to be a natural part of their education suggest that children can consent. 

I really need to get this. Information out there specifically that article because this person is still involved, you know, in creating curriculum for kids and is pushing for, you know, the curriculums to be younger and younger, you know, basically just a be given to younger and younger kids.
Corinna is an associate of Planned Parenthood and that should be of real concern for parents as I covered in 2021 about the deviancy of Planned Parenthood’s ideas for Sex Ed:

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and from my point of view, people who have normalized sexual contact between adults and children are not proponents of safe childhoods- period.

Things like this post from Corinna send chills down my spine at the idea of how feminists have lumped together childhood rape- because children can not consent to sexual contact and the need for abortion.

Where are the women to protect the little girls?  Their ‘Sex Ed” ideas are about adults having sex with children, which will lead to more pregnancy- so they want more abortions?  That is normal to them?

These educators need to be removed from public education.

Kiernan is right.

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