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Serious? Unhinged Wisconsin Teachers Plant Fake Tombstones to Represent Kids Dying From The Virus!

Of the many things that have come to light during the “pandemic”, one is the mental instability of some adults involved in our education system.

Numerous stories of teachers committing violence under the disguise of ANTIFA, some rioting with Black Lives Matter, and others harassing people as CV-19 “Social Justice Warriors”.

Why, because they are the byproducts of the Marxist education system.

Once employed by a school/college, they connect with other brainwashed educators walking in step to the drumbeat of their national teacher’s unions and progressives national educational objectives.

Teachers, for the most part, are members of far-left unions and thus they send tens of millions of dollars in dues, some which are used to support liberal candidates who are in bed with the union bosses.

With all this in mind, how would you expect progressive teachers, who are part of a liberal teachers union, and are being told  CV-19 is very contagious and will kill millions of people, including their students if they return too fast?

From Gateway Pundit

Unhinged Wisconsin teachers today planted several fake tombstones to protest the reopening of schools.

The unions believe kids will die from the Chinese coronavirus if they attend school.

Wisconsin teachers need to be better informed.

There are ZERO DEATHS in the entire state of Wisconsin from the China coronavirus for ANYONE under 19!

Wisconsin needs smarter teachers.

There you go, local school teachers out of control, as they do as they are told, making paranoid fools of themselves.

The question is, why would any loving parent, unless left with no other options, send their children to schools full of hyper-progressive and emotional Marxists inside the school building walls?

Look into homeschooling and if necessary, move, so you can. You only get on chance to set your kids up for success.

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