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Serious Food Shortages May Be Coming Thanks to the Policies of the Biden Administration

On Friday, on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson talked about what all countries do to keep their society going, narrowing it down to three main things that are necessary to keep a country stable. And he identified that Joe Biden and his administration, from day one, have attacked all three.

“The first three things that any normal nation needs and thinks about obsessively are food, water, and energy,” the host said. “That’s the standard. In China, for example. Every government policy, foreign and domestic, is designed above all to secure adequate reserves of food, water and energy, and that makes sense.”

Carlson continued, “The Build Back Better (which is a phrase used by The Great Reset cabal) agenda was the opposite of that. It did not address, at all, about whether Americans might have enough to eat or could afford enough heating fuel to keep from freezing to death over the winter. Biden’s agenda was focused on the kind of added extras you get to when you’ve fixed everything else and then still have trillions left over.” The Biden agenda also focuses on things that no normal society would when things are going wrong, especially when the government is the reason things are going wrong.

“A food shortage is not like deciding to skip dessert. It’s not a diet, it’s not voluntary. A food shortage is different. It’s scary. Food shortages topple governments. They turn moderates into revolutionaries,” he added.

It’s almost as if the Biden administration is trying to destroy our lifestyle as we know it so that the government will step in and save the day, while at the same time making as many people as possible dependent on the government for their food, water, and energy. And the same administration is responsible for everything that’s going wrong!

“A food shortage is a big deal. You don’t want one. But now we’re getting one, just a little over a year into Joe Biden’s presidency.” That’s right. Joe Biden did that to us.

Carlson went on. “Sanctions are designed to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine. We know that because, not so long ago, Tony Blinken, the secretary of state, told CNN that ‘the purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter Russia from going to war,’ and then Jen Psaki, the president’s publicist, backed him up.”

Joe Biden is now out there saying that he never said the sanctions would deter Russia from invading Ukraine. Didn’t Joe Biden accuse President Donald Trump for everything someone in his administration said? And rightfully so, because the people you select to work in your administration represent you as president. But that rule didn’t stop when Biden stole the 2020 election. Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken did say that the sanctions were designed to deter Putin from invading. In fairness, he just doesn’t remember it because he can’t even remember who his wife is half the time.

“So, sanctions work, except they didn’t actually work,” Carlson said. “Putin invaded Ukraine anyway, the sanctions failed. So, what’s the response? Admit they failed, try something new? No, Joe Biden is pretending that the administration never claimed sanctions would deter Russia from invading Ukraine.”

“Now they want us to believe that sanctioning Russia can force Putin into withdrawing from Ukraine. Is that true? Can Putin be sanctioned into retreat? Well, we certainly hope it’s true, sincerely. But there’s no evidence that it is true, there’s not even really an expectation that it’s true.”

“So, what is the point? We’re not sure, that’s a topic for another show. But, in the meantime, this country, we know this for sure, is being badly hurt by those sanctions. As Reuters recently reported, ‘Western sanctions on Russia, a major exporter of potash, ammonia, urea and other soil nutrients, have disrupted shipments of those key inputs around the globe. Fertilizer is key to keeping corn, soy, rice and wheat yields high.”

“It’s not just the war in Ukraine. In response to energy and food shortages, the Biden administration is shutting down domestic oil and gas production. That makes food more expensive, it makes everything else more expensive. And as the pressure on American farmers rises, and as food becomes scarcer and more expensive in this country, that same administration is allowing the government of China to buy up this country’s farmland.”

And now you know why the Left hates Tucker Carlson. He delivers the news in ways that no other news outlet does because he brings the truth.

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