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Senator Tom Cotton Slams Radical AG Garland During Senate Hearing: ‘Do you apologize to Scott Smith and his 15-yr-old daughter?’ [VIDEO]

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed President Joe Biden’s radically woke Attorney General (AG) Merrick Garland during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday afternoon over the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) threatening letter against parents who are demanding school boards across America stop indoctrinating their children with the racist critical race theory (CRT), sexualizing them through the curriculum, and forcing their kids to wear masks to school all day long when the science says there is slim to no change of them catching or dying from COVID-19 and slim left town.

Cotton asked Garland about the timing of his threatening letter to parents.

“You’ve cited, as the basis for that directive, the National School Boards Association’s letter of September 29th.  Was that directive being prepared before September 29th, before the school board association letter was issued?”

“I don’t believe so, certainly. I didn’t have any idea…” Garland said.

Cotton added, “Okay. So, it was only prepared after … okay. I think that answers the question.”

The senator then dumped on the AG over the way he handled Scott Smith, a Loudon County parent who was removed by force from a school board meeting after he yelled at a school board member who just said there were no recorded incidents at the school concerning assaults. He shouted that his daughter was raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy student wearing a skirt. The father spoke up because the new policy the board was about to vote on was about allowing transgender students to use whatever bathroom they desired, kind of like an open borders thing for bathrooms.

“So, you keep citing the school board letter and news reports. One of those news reports cited in that letter that you presumably mean is from Loudon County, Virginia,” Cotton said.

“No, that’s not what I was talking about,” Garland said.

“Well, you keep citing news reports, and that’s the most prominent news report that anyone in America has seen,” Cotton said. He continued, “That refers to Scott Smith, whose 15-year-old daughter was raped. She was raped in a bathroom by a boy wearing girl’s clothes, and the Loudon County School Board covered it up because it would have interfered with their transgender policy during Pride Month. And that man, Scott Smith, because he went to a school board and tried to defend his daughter’s rights, was condemned internationally! Do you apologize to Scott Smith and his 15-yr-old daughter, judge?”

As the woke Garland tried to explain that the First Amendment protects Scott Smith, Cotton cut him off to remind him of his threat against parents who protest at school board meetings, and how the Left has labeled them as “domestic terrorists” for complaining at school board meetings in defense of their children.


Garland was hung out to dry by the National School Boards Association (NSBA) after they apologized for sending a letter to President Joe Biden and AG Garland asking them to use the Patriot Act by declaring that parents who say things to them at meetings that they don’t want to hear asre “domestic terrorists.”

Garland should have told the NSBA that the federal government does not have jurisdiction to get involved, but the NSBA is not the Danbury Baptist Association and Merrick Garland is certainly no Thomas Jefferson. Garland got involved and wanted to have the FBI meet with local law enforcement and other state and county officials to work collaboratively, knowing he had no jurisdiction in the matter. Garland wanted to collaborate with local officials just to get the federal government involved. Can you imagine the audacity of trying to weasel past jurisdictional legalities?

The Biden administration has done so much damage to our country in under a year that it may take decades to get us back to normal.

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