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Senator Cramer (R-ND): ‘We Can’t Ignore Hundreds Of Signed Affidavits’ – Trump’s Election Litigation is Appropriate

Description English: Kevin Cramer, House Representative from North Dakota Date 26 October 2013, 13:12:12 Source U.S. Government Printing Office Author United States Congress

Libtards on the left, and let’s be clear, that’s what they are, have been griping and moaning that the litigation by the Trump campaign over voter fraud allegations in the 2020 election is an attack “on our democracy” – though we live in a republic – even though everything they have done so far is provided for in the Constitution, says Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND).

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,“ Cramer said, “These are processes that are in our Constitution, in our laws, and they’re not just appropriate, but they’re really an obligation, frankly, to the millions of Americans that President Trump is a reflection of. I know, you know, a lot of people like to think that we’re the reflection of him. He’s the reflection of millions of people that want to see him fight this to the end.”

“I think everyone ought to calm down a little bit. I don’t see this as an attack on our democracy. I mean, we spent four years listening to news shows and liberals discrediting, trying to discredit the Trump administration to the point of spying on him by the last administration. Forty million dollars spent on an independent counsel that started with no evidence and ended proving that there was no evidence. And then, of course, this crazy impeachment. So, I think what we’re experiencing now, everyone ought to just relax and let it play out in the legal way. We’ll be just fine,” he said.

Lawmakers and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media have been trying to pressure Donald Trump into conceding the race to former vice president Joe Biden, who thinks he’s already won the race and is able to create a new department, “The Office of the President Elect” which is just stupid.  President Trump is asserting that he won the election, and his legal team believe they already have enough evidence of widespread massive voter fraud on the part of Democrats in the key battleground states.

We are certainly not declaring a winner until the litigation is over, and who cares anyway, because we don’t determine who the winner is.  I wish the media cretins would understand that.

Trump’s legal team has alleged election massive fraud.  Rudy Giuliani has stated that they already have over 1,000 affidavits, signed upon penalty of perjury, from poll workers and vote count observers who say that they witnessed multiple types of fraud,

“What they’re claiming is that there’s a lot of evidence, and they’re presenting that evidence in cases. Now it’s up to them to present that evidence … And we’ve yet to see a real hearing where evidence was presented. And they’re not obligated to present it, you know, yesterday or tomorrow, although the sooner the better from my perspective,” Cramer told the sleepy-eyed host Chuck Todd.

“I think that to have this process is just fine. And who knows? Remember, we’ve also never in history—in this century or any other century—had a massive vote by mail, you know, balloting where there was things like ballot harvesting and ballot curing, things that we’ve never even heard of before that were taking place,” he continued.

“And frankly, a much, much lower rejection rate of mail-in ballots than just four years ago when there were many fewer of them. So it’s okay to go through this process, make sure it’s being done right, make sure that it never happens again if there are irregularities. We can’t ignore hundreds of signed affidavits. That’s evidence. That’s way more evidence than Robert Mueller had.”

The rates of rejected ballots were normal to slightly higher in most states except for the key battleground states in the 2020 election.  For example, in 2018 mail-in ballots had a rejection rate average of 1 or 2%. That’s a lot of ballots. And that’s coming from people who have experience voting by mail. Many states had very little experience with mail-in voting this year. There are a lot of ways you could screw up your vote with mail-in voting. You could forget the security sleeve, you could forget to sign the envelope, forget to fill in one of the circles, etc. They would be thrown out for a whole host of violations.

So we’re supposed to believe that in 2020, a year with massive mail-in voting for the very first time in our history, with most people voting that have never voted by mail before, and they all nailed it? Nonsense!

From Just the News: “Historically, mail-in ballots are rejected at around the rate of 1%. For first-time absentee voters, the rate can go as high as 3%, the higher number reflecting the unfamiliarity first-time voters have with the mail-in process.” Yet, rejection rates for 2020 were just a tiny fraction of normal rejection rates. Really?

That’s called circumstantial evidence that needs to be investigated. In other words, it’s impossible to believe that rejection rates this year, which according to normal history, should have been even higher than 3% with all the new first-time mail-in ballot voters, but they were reported as a fraction of that.  Horse hockey!

In Georgia, for example, the rejection rate in 2016 was an incredible 6.4%, according to US Data. In 2020 they reported a 0.2% rejection rate, more than 30 times lower than the last election, according to US Elections Project. Are you kidding me?

Similar trends happened in Pennsylvania, where the rejection rate was 0.03% this year compared to 1% in 2016.

In Nevada, the rejection rate more than halved from 1.6% in 2016 to around 0.75% in 2020.

North Carolina went from 2.7% in 2016 to 0.8% this year, when mail-in voting was huge with majorities of first-time mail-in voters.

While Cramer argued Trump’s legal battles are fine, Biden’s chief of staff Ronald Klain charged on ABC’s “This Week” that the president is “rejecting democracy.”  Well, of course he would say that, because his party is being accused of a massive voter fraud effort that stole the election.

“He has been, as you said at the outset, launching baseless claims of voter fraud, baseless litigation. He’s been rejected by 34 courts, and now these efforts to try to get election officials to overturn the will of the voters,” Klain told host George Stephanopoulos.  What he failed to say is that the Trump legal team has only filed three cases, not 34, as those were rulings based on legal pleadings like asking to stop state certifications while investigation voter fraud.  Of course, no Democrat-appointed judge worth his activist card would allow Trump to get past their court.  The Trump legal team is probably considering these hearings as the necessary steps to get to the US Supreme Court.

“It’s corrosive. It’s harmful. But as Mitt Romney said, it’s not going to change the outcome of what happens here. At 12 noon on Jan. 20, Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States.  Everything Donald Trump’s doing now is bad for our democracy. It’s bad for our position, our image in the world, but it’s not going to change what happens here when we get a new president next year.”

In other words, the Democrats are terrified that they got caught cheating, because the revelations that are allegedly coming will not only expose them for voter fraud in this election, but it will possibly go back decades and we might find out who shouldn’t even be in office but for cheating in their elections.

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