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Senate Democrats Believe Biden’s Justice Department Will Prosecute Trump, Warn It Could Backfire

Here they go again. The Democrats are desperate to keep President Trump out of the 2024 election. On the same day that the NYAG, who shall remain nameless claims she has irrefutable proof that the Trump organization committed fraud, Democratic Senators make the unfounded claim that President Trump incited and even planned the January 5th riot. Where have we heard irrefutable proof before? Adam Schiff on CNN  talking about Russia collusion.

The thing is, this could blow up in the AG’s face and the face of Merrick Garland’s DOJ. If they bring Trump to trial and he is found innocent, it will just be more proof that the Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at him. Trump is the most investigated president in history and he walked away clean. How many Democratic members of Congress could withstand such scrutiny?

The Hill reported:

“Given the weight of public evidence, Democratic lawmakers think Trump committed federal crimes. But Senate Democrats also warn that [Attorney General Merrick] Garland needs to proceed cautiously. Any prosecution that fails to convict Trump risks becoming a disaster and could vindicate Trump, just as the inconclusive report by former special counsel Robert Mueller’s team was seized upon by Trump and his allies to declare his exoneration on a separate series of allegations.”

My best guess is that Trump will never face charges and no Democrat believes he will either. They are hoping just the allegation will hurt him. The 75 million actual legal votes Trump got in 2020 looms large based on the voter integrity laws being passed by the swing states. In 2022 the governorships of Pennsylvania and Michigan are up for grabs and they too could pass integrity laws.

From The Daily Wire

The publication cited several senators whom it talked to, including Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Tim Kaine (D-VA), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Blumenthal claimed that “clearly what [Trump] did” leading up to the riot “falls in the ambit of what’s being investigated and perhaps is criminal.”

“They have all of the evidence at their disposal,” Kaine said, later adding, “My sense is they’re looking [at] everything in a diligent way and they haven’t made a decision.”

Kaine said that he thinks there were “federal statutes that are very much implicated” by what happened, although he did not name any.

Brown said, “I think anybody who it’s proven had a role in the planning of [the Jan. 6 attack] should be prosecuted, not just the people who broke in and smashed the window in my office and others.”

But, remember that the FBI investigated this thoroughly hoping to get Trump and or his supporters. They found no evidence of planning. That’s why I don’t believe he will be prosecuted. because if this goes to court, Trump will win.

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